Wednesday, February 14, 2018

The 7th Annual Vampire’s Day Soiree

It’s the 7th annual Vampire’s Day Soiree hosted by my lovely pal Holly of Holly's Horrorland blog!

This year I'm continuing my tradition of sharing a few snapshots of vampire dolly Drusilla's undead existence.

Drusilla's shenanigans are inspired by the ‘Camp Cute, Creepy and (quite conveniently) Remote’ stories of another lovely pal, Magaly Guerrero.

In her bedchamber at Great Grandpapa's castle, Drusilla is up and ready for the night ahead.

A moonlight stroll in the grounds of Great Grandpapa's estate always gives Drusilla a hearty appetite.

Drusilla stops for a quick snack in town before heading back to her Great Grandpapa's castle. 

Thank you so much for stopping by. Please do go and mingle with the other partygoers. You can find them all here.


  1. The perfect story book beauty & tale ( future endeavours?). Your style is unique & distictive , xoxoxoxoxoDebi

  2. I completely adore our Drusilla, and absolutely LOVE your artistic eye. There is crafty magic in the way you let us see her exactly as she is--bright and bigger than the world.

    I just love seeing her having a blast.

    Happiest Vampire's Day Soiree!

  3. Ohh how I would love to join Drusilla on her moonlit walk *Sigh*...maybe soon lol XXX

  4. I look forward to seeing my favorite vampire doll every year. Happy Vampire's Day, my equally lovely pal! ^♥^

  5. Ello miss Emma! I just read through this and dug the groovy pics. It's lovely just like you, and our sweet, miss Holly. Happy Vampire's Day to you both ♥♥

  6. It's always a pleasure seeing your participation in this event, Emma. A Happy Vampire's Day to you and Drusilla!

  7. Happy Vampire's Day^❤️^ I'm joining the soiree for the first time and having a vamptastic time, your lil Drusilla is freakyfabulous!

  8. Oh, that 'stop for a quick snack in town' part is priceless. 🤣🖤

  9. I love Drusilla! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!


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