Saturday, October 28, 2017

Welcome to October's Heart-Bits with Magaly, 2017

Welcome to my wee contribution to October's Heart Bits with Magaly, hosted by the fabulous Magaly Guerrero.

The Magic of Needle-Felting
For the Love of Stabbing

I started needle-felting about 18 months ago. I was intrigued by the possibilities of this craft, but like anything new, diving in can be a little daunting. I soon discovered, however, that needle-felting is a craft that is not only easy to teach yourself, but it requires minimal tools and materials.

Essentially, you need a foam work pad, felting needles, and wool to get started, then you just need to have the patience to poke, poke, poke at the wool as you shape and smooth it into virtually whatever you can imagine. Just a word of caution though, be prepared to occasionally stab yourself with those sharp needles, especially in the beginning...  

The first picture shows the special felting wool and needles alongside a foundation shape that I felted... 

... which eventually became Cousin Itt. 

Here are some more pieces that I have needle-felted:

If you would like to give needle-felting a go, here are some of my recommendations to get you started:


I personally like to needle-felt with Norwegian C1 wool batting, which I purchase from Dream Felt. It felts up beautifully!


My favourite needles are by Felt Alive. I've tried others but the Felt Alive needles are the best, in my opinion. They are colour-coded and cushioned making them so convenient and comfortable to use. The Felt Alive website has lots of information and tutorials to help you get started.

Video Tutorials

I used books and videos to teach myself needle-felting. Here are links to a couple of basic tutorials that you may find useful:

Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2

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October's Heart-Bits with Magaly, 2017

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