Saturday, October 28, 2017

Welcome to October's Heart-Bits with Magaly, 2017

Welcome to my wee contribution to October's Heart Bits with Magaly, hosted by the fabulous Magaly Guerrero.

The Magic of Needle-Felting
For the Love of Stabbing

I started needle-felting about 18 months ago. I was intrigued by the possibilities of this craft, but like anything new, diving in can be a little daunting. I soon discovered, however, that needle-felting is a craft that is not only easy to teach yourself, but it requires minimal tools and materials.

Essentially, you need a foam work pad, felting needles, and wool to get started, then you just need to have the patience to poke, poke, poke at the wool as you shape and smooth it into virtually whatever you can imagine. Just a word of caution though, be prepared to occasionally stab yourself with those sharp needles, especially in the beginning...  

The first picture shows the special felting wool and needles alongside a foundation shape that I felted... 

... which eventually became Cousin Itt. 

Here are some more pieces that I have needle-felted:

If you would like to give needle-felting a go, here are some of my recommendations to get you started:


I personally like to needle-felt with Norwegian C1 wool batting, which I purchase from Dream Felt. It felts up beautifully!


My favourite needles are by Felt Alive. I've tried others but the Felt Alive needles are the best, in my opinion. They are colour-coded and cushioned making them so convenient and comfortable to use. The Felt Alive website has lots of information and tutorials to help you get started.

Video Tutorials

I used books and videos to teach myself needle-felting. Here are links to a couple of basic tutorials that you may find useful:

Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2

Thank you for dropping by for a visit. Please do head on over to Magaly's to mingle with the other partygoers! 


Monday, October 2, 2017

October's Heart-Bits with Magaly, 2017

It's time for some spooky season shenanigans! Head on over to Magaly's blog for more information and to sign up.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Welcome to the Beautiful Freaks Fest 2017!

My beautiful freak is Miss Harriet Valcadash, a little wolf girl. "Valcadash" is an old English name meaning "bright, strong-willed, and hairy", which suits young Harriet to a T!

Please add your direct party link to either the linky below or the linky on the blog of my friend and co-host Magaly Guerrero.

And please go and mingle with the other partygoers! Thank you for visiting! ❤

You can also find us on Instagram:

Magaly: @magalyguerreroindarkerwords
Emma:   @groovygothic

Party tag: #BeautifulFreaksFest2017

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Beautiful Freaks Fest, 2017

With the revival of Twin Peaks, my husband, son and I have been revisiting the original series over the last couple of months. The town of Twin Peaks is a place both “wonderful and strange”. There is a lurking evil, but it is also populated with an assortment of delightful oddballs (Audrey is my favourite beautiful freak!) It got me thinking about the fictional characters that I adore, like The Addams Family, and so many of the protagonists in Tim Burton’s movies. After getting involved in a chat with my pal Magaly Guerrero, I discovered that we were both mulling over the same theme, and before long we found ourselves busily organizing a blog party.

Magaly came up with the brilliant title, Beautiful Freaks Fest, and here she explains the concept behind our little party: 

“Join us in a celebration of all the misunderstood monsters, misfits, outcasts, and oddities of the world. Let us explore the tragic, ironic, mad, funny… from the quirkiness of The Addams Family to the deep mind of the Frankenstein’s monster, from the fun creepiness of carnival and sideshow attractions to the eeriness of wax museums. Think characters from Tim Burton movies and Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, gentle igors and adorable harpies, mummies with loving (if mildly shriveled) hearts… all the so-called monsters and aberrations who are often kinder than the humans in the stories they bring to life.

Write a story (313 words or fewer), make a doll, birth a poem, paint a pretty freak, share a review, retell a myth, create a new myth, craft jewelry for a vampire… post something you love about beautiful freaks and tell us why you love it. Have a blast. Grin madly.”

Party Details:
  • Add your blog link to the Inlinkz tool below. Magaly and I are sharing this linky, so your link will show up on both our blogs.
  • The party begins on June 23 through to June 25, so you’ve got the whole weekend to visit with other participants. Please mingle, it’s a party!
  • If you don’t have a blog, you can post on Instagram or Facebook. See our party hashtag below.
  • You can post every day if you wish, but only one entry per each social media platform each day.
  • On the day of the party, Magaly and I will include a fresh Inlinkz tool with our posts so that you can leave your party links. To make it easier for everyone, please leave your post links in the linky, not the comments.
  • Feel free to share the banner on your blog, Instagram, or Facebook, so we can spread the word. The more the merrier!
  • If you’re not sure about anything, just leave me a question in the comments below.

Hope to see you at the Beautiful Freaks Fest!


Magaly: @magalyguerreroindarkerwords
Emma:   @groovygothic

Party tag: #BeautifulFreaksFest2017