Friday, October 21, 2016

And The Burton Blog Bash Winner is...

I assigned a number to each comment in the order that they were left and the winner was chosen by the RANDOM.ORG Random Number Generator.

1. Sunshineshelle
2. Chris Hewson
3. Rommy
4. Living Dead Girl Nicole
5. Sharon Rawson
6. Debra She Who Seeks
7. Debi Livsey
8. Sarah
9. Magaly
10. Gina
11. Miranda
12. Lesthi
13. Ladan
14. Holly
15. Dr. Theda
16. Insomniac's Attic
17. whitejenna
18. Sary Walrus
19. Melancholy and Menace
20. Magic Love Crow

And the winner is:

Number 7!  Debi Livsey!

Jack will soon be winging his way to you, Debi!

Thanks so much to everyone who participated and/or visited during the Burton Blog Bash 2016.


  1. Yippy! Yippy! Yippy! Thank you! Wow! I am thrilled and honoured! Autumn has company now! Thank you to Holly & YOU! For bringing us ALL together for a fantastic celebration!
    Huge huge Hugs! xoDebi. Oh! I moved, did you see my new address! I wil PM it to you anyway! I am soooooooo thrilled!

  2. Our best Holiday wishes to you and yours, dear Lady Emma


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