Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Art: Meritxel Ribas Puigmal

For the 2014 Vampire's Day Soiree, our delightful hostess, Holly B. Strange of Holly's Horrorland blog, promoted the blood-soaked affair with a vampire illustration by Spanish artist, Meritxel Ribas Puigmal. I know that many of us who participated in the Soiree were quite besotted by that illustration, and as I had been unfamiliar with the artist, I made a point of tracking down her website.

Meritxel Ribas Puigmal's entire portfolio of work is absolutely beautiful, but my favourite illustrations are from her Vampiros collection, which I have shared here.

These illustrations are from the book, Vampiros, which is in Spanish, but I gather it is an anthology of famous vampire literature. I wish there was an English edition, but regardless, I'm seriously coveting Vampiros, and have added it to my ever-burgeoning Amazon Wish List.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gifts from a Wild Fairy

After a stressful 2013, I started the new year by stating here that it was my resolution to stop and smell the roses more, and take a little time to appreciate life's simple pleasures.... What's that saying about the best laid plans?

Things have been more chaotic than ever and the hoped for house move, which has now been dubbed the "Never-Ending Story", has not yet happened because, so far, we've been unable to locate a suitable new abode. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have also been unwell lately, and that, along with a bunch of other little worries, had left me feeling somewhat downhearted. Then a parcel from Ireland arrived at my door.

Sweet Siobhan, from The Wild Fairy blog, had sent me a little package of goodies as a housewarming gift for my future new home, which was the most completely lovely surprise in itself, but the timing couldn't have been more perfect in terms of cheering me up.

Everything was wonderful! First of all, there was a note card with an illustration by artist Mab Graves. Not any illustration, mind you, but my absolute favourite Mab Graves illustration: Tuesday and Wednesday Addams.

Siobhan runs Moonslipper, a small paranormal investigation group based on the south coast of Ireland. The Moonslipper website is just a treasure trove of enchanting things from ghosts to fairies, Chinese Horoscopes to Moon Magic, and tips on clearing clutter and negative energy. Moonslipper also offers spell bottles for sale that are created by Freya, who practices White Magic in the Celtic tradition. They are filled with special herbs and flowers, then sealed to hold their magic for as long as the seal remains unbroken.

Siobhan asked Freya to create some custom spell bottles for me, which are pictured above right. The Little Gothic Delights bottle contains mugwort, honeysuckle and Irish lichen. Morticia's Special Blend contains black rose buds, rose petals, lavender and myrrh. Siobhan tells me that both are "guaranteed to bring love, luck and light into your life"! What could be better than that?!

Pictured above left is the sweetest little Alice necklace that was also included amongst my stash of treats!

Next were six Imp's Ears from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Imp's Ears are tiny glass vials filled with samples of the most darkly delightful, scented oil blends. If you're not familiar with the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, definitely check out their website when you've got some time. They create hand blended scents "with a dark, romantic Gothic tone", which  "run the aesthetic gamut of magickal, pagan and mythological blends; Renaissance, Medieval and Victorian formulas; and horror/Gothic-themed". They also have scent ranges inspired by authors, artists, books and films.

 And last but not least, Siobhan included an original illustration, from her Fairy and Fantasy Art collection, of an adorable little witch and her cat.

I can't begin to tell you how completely spoilt I feel by these gifts from a Wild Fairy! Thank you so much, Siobhan! ❤

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

And the winner is...

Thank you to everyone who visited during May Monster Madness. I will need to make a whole bunch of new little monsters now, so I can use all the fabulous names you suggested.

I assigned a number to each comment in the order that they were left and the winner was chosen by the RANDOM.ORG True Random Number Generator.

Lucy will soon be on her way to you, Holly!