Tuesday, April 15, 2014

May Monster Madness is Nigh!

It's almost time for the third annual May Monster Madness blog fest!

May Monster Madness was the brainchild of Annie Walls, author of The Famished Trilogy, as an event to satisfy some of those cravings for spooky goodness that may be surfacing at this mid point between Halloween festivities. Of course, every evil genius must have her wicked minions, so Annie enlisted the help of Ked (Something wicKED This Way Comes) and I to assist her in bringing May Monster Madness to life.

In previous years, May Monster Madness was a 7 day event, but as everyone is busy, and it's hard to commit to 7 days of posting, we've decided to make it just one huge day this year on Friday, May 30. This also gives everyone time over the weekend to get around to the blogs of other participants.

The monster theme is very broad. You can post about any kind of monster you fancy from classic monsters like vampires, werewolves, mummies and zombies, to urban legends, to monsters of the human variety like serial killers and mass murderers. Your monsters can be frightening, misunderstood or just plain cute.

The sky is the limit with the type of post too. Express yourself in any way you wish.

For example:

* Fiction
* Poetry
* Article
* Book, movie or TV review
* Recipe
* Photography
* Video
* Art
* Craft
* Fashion
* Gardening
* Music
* Tutorial
* Giveaway

So if you'd like to join the MADNESS, head over to the Annie Walls blog and sign up. When you're there, just click on the blue frog to add your details to the linky.

Remember to grab the May Monster Madness artwork (created by Annie) to add to your sidebar too. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Happy Dancing with a Little Gothic Girl and her Dolly!

I always thoroughly enjoy the Vampire's Day Soiree, hosted by Holly's Horrorland, but this year I was also lucky enough to win an absolutely vamptastic giveaway over on the Sunshineshelle blog. Spooktacularly talented artist, Shelle, was generous enough to let me choose a painting from amongst her 29 Faces Challenge works.

Initially, I made a beeline for one of the vampire paintings Shelle did for the Soiree called, My mother made me a ... doll., which is pictured left, BUT, as I was scrolling through the other 28 Faces, my eyes fell upon Gothic Girl and her Dolly (above) and suddenly things got a whole lot more difficult. I sat the two paintings next to each other on my computer screen...  then agonized!

Eventually, I settled upon Gothic Girl and her Dolly! Not only is Gothic Girl just my cup of (charmingly macabre) tea, but she also looks like she could be an extended member of the Addams clan. I was so excited when the postman delivered her to my door and she is currently sitting on my work table, awaiting the acquisition of just the perfect frame.

Thank you so much for my lovely painting, Shelle! I am completely besotted with Gothic Girl and her Dolly!

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

My Favourite Flamingo!

A Gothic Flamingo has moved into the neighbourhood!

I'm particularly excited about this new resident in Blogland because Rebecca, the woman behind Gothic Flamingo, is a buddy. I've also had the fun of seeing Bec's vision of a baleful birdy come to life, as my husband, Danny, created the illustration of her feathered friend for her.

Welcome to our charmingly creepy community, Gothic Flamingo!