Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Birthday, Edward Gorey!

February 22  is the 87th anniversary of the birth of the fabulous Edward Gorey. A writer and artist, he was particularly well known for his macabre illustrated books, but sadly died at just 75, on April 15, 2000.

If I didn't already greatly admire Edward Gorey's art, I'd certainly be won over by his love of cats, and his fondness for dark genre series like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Batman: The Animated Series, and The X-Files.

Edward Gorey, in common with my other favourite, Charles Addams, was charmingly eccentric. He never married and believed himself to be essentially asexual. Upon his death, he left the bulk of his estate to a charitable trust for cats, dogs, bats and insects. His home in Cape Cod, called the Elephant House, is now the Edward Gorey House Museum, and continues to support his work for animal welfare.

Incidentally, February 22 is also my son's birthday (I swear it's coincidental) so I want to wish a very happy birthday to my James as well!


  1. admit it- you were induced to make that happen. ; )

    and there for a moment I thought Gorey and my boyfriend shared a birthday. close enough.

  2. Hi pensive,

    Haha. Luckily, I didn't know Edward Gorey's birth date at the time or who knows what I might have done!

    Just looked up Alan Rickman's birthday. Of course, it's probably still February 21 where you are, but I'm speaking to you from the future. ;)

  3. I love Edward Gorey :)
    Happy Birthday James too :D

  4. Hi Alexandriaweb,

    Yeah, he's just wonderful! And thank you from James! :)

  5. Thanks for posting! I didn't realize today was his b-day. :)

  6. I wish Edward Gorey a Happy Birthday. He is an amazing illustrator.

  7. Hi Lady Bethezda,

    Pleasure! It's easy for me to remember the date because it's the same as my son's birthday! :)

    Hi Jessica,

    Yes, he certainly was an amazing illustrator!

  8. I love Gorey!

    Happy Birthday to him! ^__^

  9. Ah, what a grand celebration this is! I've just started to watch the X-files (from start to finish since I missed so many seasons so long ago) and I didn't know that he was such a fan. Or of Buffy for that matter. I always find it funny when someone so loved and admired for dark craft reveals of love of cartoons and cats. Sure, he's just like the rest of us, but - at the same time - he's not.

    I keep holding out for an unexpected resurrection. Just an open grave and a series of fresh sketch pages to hint at his return.

    And a very happy and belated birthday to your son! Gorey is in great company.

  10. I would have married him! Happy Birthday you magnificently renaissance-like man.

  11. I love the line style of his work ( was saddened to hear of his passing) I have loved his artwork since I was a child....

  12. Sorry for the late replies. I've been having some internet issues.

    Hi King Unicorn,

    Thank you so much! The more I learn about Edward Gorey as person, the more he appeals to me. I guess growing up on a diet of 'The Addams Family' gave me a healthy appreciation for eccentrics. I'm an avid fan of both 'The X-Files' and 'Buffy', plus I adore cats, so it's nice to find I have a few things in common with one of my favourite artists. I'm also currently re-watching 'Batman: The Animated Series' with my husband and son. I can see why it appealed to Gorey. The dark artwork on that show was groundbreaking for a cartoon!

    Thank you for the birthday wishes for my son! As celebrity birthday buddies go, James hit the jackpot... something I remind him of regularly! Haha.

    Hi Autumnforest,

    Haha. Yes, with dear Edward Gorey, you could definitely be assured that his motivations for marriage weren't simply based on lust! ;) He was just beyond adorable!

    Hi Dr. Theda,

    Yes, his line work is beautiful, and has inspired many contemporary illustrators, I think! I wish he was still around. I'm sure he had much more to offer the world. :)


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