Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Delightfully Dark Style


  1. I don't know about you Miss Kitty but I feel much yummier now!
    ~ Meow ~

  2. "Honey, I'm home. Oh, I forgot. I'm not married." My favourite incarnation of Catwoman, and the best thing about Batman Returns!

  3. I spent a lot of time frying my hair with a curling iron because of that movie. I might do that again. *sigh*

  4. She was the catwoman I wanted to be.........meow!

  5. Hi James,

    Michelle Pfeiffer's Catwoman is gloriously quotable! She was such a pop culture phenomenon that I think Anne Hathaway has a tough job ahead of her.

    Hi Autumnforest,

    She was a classy Catwoman! I think the theatricality of 'Batman Returns', and the ambiguous nature of the time period it is set in, have given the movie a timeless quality. Selina Kyle and the Catwoman costume don't seem dated at all.

    Hi Pensive,

    Oh, you're making me laugh just thinking about it! Perfectly understandable though! She looked fabulous!

    Hi Adsila,

    Yeah, I think she's the Catwoman we all wanted/want to be! Meow!!

  6. Love your picks for her here - seductive and alluring... just purrrrrrrfect! :)

  7. Hi lostsentiments,

    Thank you! She certainly was a purrrrrrrrfect Catwoman! :)

  8. I love Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman!! <3 I was so dissapointed when that Halle Berry one came out, gaaah

  9. Hi Ellone,

    Yes, I agree, the Halle Berry movie was not a high point in Catwoman's history.


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