Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Edwardian Ball

Sometimes (actually, all the time), I wish I could wiggle my nose like Samantha, or blink my eyes like Jeannie, or even get hold of a Star Trek transporter beam because it would all come in very handy for occasions like this when I discover that the most extraordinarily wonderful event... is taking place on the other side of the globe. This is how the organizers describe The Edwardian Ball held in San Francisco:
"THE EDWARDIAN BALL is an elegant and whimsical celebration of art, music, theatre, fashion, technology, circus, and the beloved creations of the late, great author Edward Gorey. Set in our own version of “Edwardian” times, this multi-media extravaganza has grown over the past decade from a small underground club night into an internationally recognized event, now operating with the blessing of The Edward Gorey Charitable Trust."

This year's festivities are being held on January 20 and 21, at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. The Edwardian World's Faire is held on the Friday night, and is described as "a Gorey-inspired night of music, theatrics, circus, fashion, gaming, and Edwardian-tinged rock n’ roll", and The Annual Edwardian Ball, on the Saturday night, is "a whimsical, elegant festival of art, music, dance, theatre, fashion, circus, and the art and stories of beloved author Edward Gorey".

Dress suggestions by the organizers:
"Some popular themes include the Edwardian Era (early 1900s – think corsets & petticoats for the girls, top hats & vests for the boys), Edward Gorey characters (eccentric & spanning many decades, as you can see in his artwork), Tim Burton-esque (dark, humorous, eccentric), Goth, Steampunk, or just simply dressed up for an elegant night on the town!”

You can catch a glimpse of the spectacle in a preview video here, and for more details on the event click here.


  1. Wish you could go! Hopefully I can attend the LA event when they find a new venue!

  2. Hi Spooky Vegan,

    Yeah, me too! I read on their website that they were trying to secure a new venue for the LA ball. I hope you get to go. I'm sure it will be fabulous!!

  3. Goddamn it...much as I love living in Australia, there are times like this that I regret there isn't more of a Steampunk/ Neovictorian community here that would host events like this one (or Dances of Vice).

  4. I am soooo jealous. It took me over a year to get my skin milky white enough to contrast with my red hair. I would so love to wear the clothing and soak up another era.

  5. ACK! It's tonight?! San Francisco is only about a 2 hour drive from here! Too bad don't have a Gorey inspired outfit to wear, oh, and ticket to the ball would be nice.
    My Grandfather immersed me in Edward Gorey from a very early age. I have lots of Gorey books and rubber stamps and a few lunchboxes too. I used to love just watching the intro to "Mystery!" on PBS as a kid.

  6. Beautiful! And I'm still far away... :( ;)

  7. Very coool. Too bad you couldn't get there on a flying machine of some sort. (^;

    And, I'm finally able to post a comment! Your blog didn't go blank on me! Yay! Maybe all the goofy stuff blogger was doing is done now and I can start coming to everyones blogs again!

  8. This looks like such a blast! Maybe some day...

  9. The past always seems so organic and therefore magical!

  10. I love Gorey, and I'm jealous of Creepy Glowbug having such a cool Grandpa. Mine taught me to play pool, so at least I can win money from drunks in bars.

  11. Hi Miss C,

    Yes, as a fellow Aussie, I feel your pain. Perhaps this event will eventually grow to the point that it becomes international... ever the optimist, I am. :)

    Hi Autumn,

    I have to admit, you and your "Steampunk Ghost" outfit were the first things that popped into my mind when I read about The Edwardian Ball. Talk about a marriage made in Heaven. I hope you get a chance to go there sometime.

    Hi Creepy Glowbugg

    Haha. Yes, I know it's rather the eleventh hour with this information, but it is an annual event, so maybe you could start planning for next year. If I win the lottery between now and next January, this will definitely be on my "To Do" list!

    Hi occhio sulle espressioni,

    Yes, we can both only admire this event from afar. At least the internet gives us a bit of a taste of the festivities. :)

    Hi Lorelei,

    Haha. Yes, I've heard tell of these newfangled contraptions called "airplanes", but alas, they cost a pretty penny. Besides, I've really got my heart set on mastering the wiggle/blinky thing someday.

    I'm glad you were able to visit. Let's hope the Blogger issues are starting to resolve themselves.

    Hi Lady M,

    Yes, it does look fun, doesn't it?! Indeed... maybe some day!!

    Hi Matt,

    I guess we're lucky living in the age we do because we are able to relive the very best parts of history whilst still enjoying all the conveniences of the modern world. :)

    Hi pensive,

    Yeah, Creepy Glowbugg sounds like she had an extremely cool Grandpa, but you can buy plenty of Gorey merchandise with your pool winnings!

  12. Yeah Emma, I wish you could go! Hell, I wish I could go! Haha! Strange thing is, I've heard about this event before, but never really thought twice about it because I didn't really know what it was. Can you blame me? Edwardian? Sounds like some Twilight Ball where teens dress up like Bella, hoping for their Edward. LOL!

    Leave to you to give us the details! =) Thanks again for another fantastic find! You never cease to amaze me!

  13. I would absolutely love to go to this! That video was so awesome and well put together. The music was a neat addition to it. The poster was also pretty cute (in a Gorey sort of way). It would be so fun to dress up and see all the other costumes. I have fun each year at the Renaissance Faire, but this would be even more my thing! Are you sure that there isn't something like this in your country?

  14. I only live about 150 miles away from San Francisco. And interestingly, lots of people from England and Austrailia live and visit here.

  15. Sigh.... doesn't it always seem like all the cool stuff is somewhere else? Story of my life, ha ha. It has grown sooo much though. I remember hearing about it a few years ago and now it seems like a ginormous event. Good for them.
    BTW... I just switched my blog from wordpress to blogger and added you to my blogroll.

  16. Hi Annie,

    Hahaha. Well, the concept of a Twilight-Edward Ball hadn't occurred to me, but you can rest assured that if there is one, I won't be promoting it. No, this is the GOOD Edward! Haha.

    Hi Justine,

    At first, I thought it was going to be a form of Renaissance Faire with guests in Victorian/Edwardian/Gothic/Steampunk costumes, but then when I realized "Edwardian" had a double meaning, and that the event was Edward Gorey inspired, I just couldn't believe how cool it all was. Yes, the video was awesome, and I was so impressed by the quality of the costumes that people have created. The entertainment looked incredible too.

    I doubt there would be anything Gorey themed here, but I should do a little investigating. After all, I didn't think there would be any Day of the Dead events, and yet there are.

    Hi Matt,

    Yes, on the website they actually mention that people from all over the world, including Australia, do travel to San Francisco to attend the event.

    Hi Lady Bethezda,

    I know exactly what you mean! Haha. It does seem to have grown incredibly quickly. I guess it's just one of those clever ideas that has captured people's imaginations, and judging by the video, they certainly put on an impressive affair.

    Oh, you've changed to Blogger. I'll have to drop by for a visit. Thank you for the blogroll inclusion too!!

  17. Oh how I wish to one day attend to such an event!! Amazingly beautiful <3

  18. You really must have had a grand old time!

  19. I would kill to go to this! Why do all the good events happen hundreds of miles away from me.

  20. Hah great thing :D
    I must read something about it... How are you babe? :3

  21. Hi Ellone,

    Yes, it does look beautiful! San Francisco is very lucky to be the home of such a gorgeous event!

    Hi Emme,

    I live in Australia so sadly I wasn't able to attend, but I'm sure everyone who did go had a grand old time though!!

    Hi Jessica,

    Yes, I guess if you don't live in California, you might just as well be in Australia because it's not going to be convenient to get there. Hopefully, they may start to host this event in other cities around the country... and the world. Fingers crossed!

    Hi Judka,

    Yes, it's great isn't it?! Check out the video. You get a good idea of the event from that.

  22. Looks really cool.... I was saddened to learn of R. Gorey's passing... A Great but often "under-rated artist ...He and art will be missed

  23. Hi Dr Theda,

    He left behind an amazing body of work, and has certainly influenced a lot of contemporary illustrators. I'm sure that as time passes Edward Gorey will amass even more admirers as new generations discover his wonderful art.

    Did you know that Edward Gorey was a big fan of 'Batman: The Animated Series'? I know you love your Batman villains, Dr Theda!


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