Saturday, January 7, 2012

Charles Addams' 100th Birthday Commemoration

Charles Addams with John Astin, Ken Weatherwax, and Lisa Loring from the cast of The Addams Family television series.
January 7, 2012 is the 100th anniversary of the birth of cartoonist, and creator of The Addams Family, Charles Addams, and even Google has come to the party with a "Doodle" to commemorate the event. The Google Doodle was created courtesy of the Tee and Charles Addams Foundation, which was established in 1999 by the late Tee Addams, widow of Charles Addams.

100th Birthday Commemorative Google Doodle

The Addams Family by Charles Addams


  1. This is great, thanks Emma! I love the photo with Charles Addams - doesn't John Astin look possessed? haha! Where would we be without Gomez and Morticia? Happy Birthday Charles! ~Siobhan

  2. This was great, Emma. Love the cartoons, and happy B-day to Charles Addams. Always wondered who had come up with this crazy show--which I love.

  3. I had no idea where the "Addams" in The Addams Family came from. Wow, you learn something knew every day! Thanks Emma!

    I was thinking about black and white and goth and stuff, and I was thinking that of The Munsters and The Addams Family that Morticia was the "goth" of the relationship.

    It's amazing how "Tim Burton" the cartoons look!

  4. wow. It must be an epic shindig celebrating 100 years. That is a century. hope the best for the eternal rest of the celebration. :D thank you for the post

  5. Wasn't that a fun surprise to go on Google this morning and see this? It's always fun to see what the Google people put together, but this was a special treat. I love how Uncle Fester is eating the letter 'e'. :) I found a neat old video about Charles Addams and a showing of his art this morning. I think you'll enjoy it!

  6. Hi Siobhan,

    Haha. Yes, I love John Astin's wild eyes, and the world would certainly be far less darkly delightful without Gomez and Morticia!

    Hi Lorelei,

    Oh, I'm glad I was able to "virtually" introduce you to the man himself. My father had a book of Charles Addams' cartoons and I used to read it over and over when I was very young. He actually just passed the book on to me to keep recently, which I was thrilled about. There are plenty of books on Charles Addams' work available via Amazon, but I have a real sentimental attachment to that old paperback of my Dad's.

    Hi Matt,

    Before the TV show, the cartoon characters hadn't even been named. They were just collectively referred to as the "Addams Family", after Charles Addams himself. Charles Addams gave them all proper names when he collaborated with the producer in the creation of the television series.

    Yes, you're right. Lily Munster was vampiric, but Morticia was simply goth-like. She was dark and macabre, but she wasn't actually a monster.

    I'm sure Charles Addams would have been an influence on Tim Burton's work and style.

    Hi Miss Bobo,

    Ha! I love your "eternal rest of the celebration" line. Most appropriate! Yes, the 100th anniversary is pretty special. Shame the great man isn't around to enjoy it himself, but we're all thinking of him.

    Hi Justine,

    Yes, it was a fantastic surprise. I was actually on the phone with my mother when James came in and said, "Mum, you HAVE to check Google... right now!!!" Haha. I agree, the Google Doodles are always fun, but they outdid themselves this time! :) Yes, there's a lot to look at in that picture. I think it's cute that Lurch is holding the letter "L" too!

    Thanks so much for the link. I'm quite sure I'll love it!!

  7. You've won The Versatile Blogger Award. Hop on by to pick up your award later today after I finish writing my post. :)


  8. oh man, i love the addams family! great post!

    you have been tagged!

  9. Jeez, I'm on a freaking psychic bend again. I've been away from the computer a couple days and today I got on and wrote a post about Addam's family versus Munsters and then I started reading everyone's posts I missed. Is that weird or what?

  10. When I saw it I was surprised and delighted! :)

  11. Great memories. I love the Addams family.

  12. I love the Addams Family! It holds a dear place in my heart.

    Off topic: I tagged you in a post on my blog. You may or may not want to participate. its just for fun, don't worry I am not making a habit of it. I've just had a bit of writers block lately.

  13. That's so sweet. I love it when Google does that.

  14. I never really got into The Addams Family, maybe it was too adult and weird for me since I preferred The Munsters. Having said that, Carolyn Whateverhernamewas (who was in the Batman TV series)... was it Jones? ...yeah, she was hot. Pity she died young. Talking of which, my new blog is now up and running: - see ya there. ;)

  15. hello Love your Addams Family post....
    And a warm welcome to the "Crypt"
    ....the Doctor
    And ...Dr. Blood ... she was "Marsha, Queen of Diamonds" on Batman...accompanied by her "Aunt" , the old witch... I Know my Villains :)

  16. Dr. Theda - Thanks, and now that I've found a picture, I know why I remember her. :D

  17. Hi Nora,

    Thank you so much! I'll be over to check your blog post.

    Hi aw,

    Thank you as well. I'll be dropping by your blog shortly.

    Hi Autumn,

    That is interesting, not that I'm surprised that you'd be psychically picking up on all the Addams vibes buzzing about the internet at the moment. I'm looking forward to that post on Addams Family versus Munsters!

    Hi occhio sulle espressioni,

    Yes, I was surprised and delighted too! A great little tribute!

    Hi Adsila,

    Fortunately, I have the DVDs of 'The Addams Family', so can relive the memories over and over! Love them!

    Hi AstraeaSapphire,

    Woah, 2 tags and an award in the same day... there must be something in the stars. :) Thank you very much! I'll pop over to your blog and check the details soon.

    Hi Jenny,

    Yeah, I love the Doodles too. It's nice that Google does little tributes like this!

    Hi Dr Blood,

    Oh, I liked 'The Munsters' too, but 'The Addams Family' were always number one for me. Yes, her name was Carolyn Jones. She was lovely!

    Hi Dr Theda,

    Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to visiting your Crypt regularly. And thank you for reminding us about "Marsha, Queen of Diamonds". Her name had slipped my mind. I love the old Batman series from the '60s. Actually, come to think of it, that show had quite a connection with 'The Addams Family'. Lurch made a cameo appearance popping his head out of a window as the dynamic duo climbed a building, and of course, John Astin played "The Riddler" later in the series.

  18. The Addams are my life.!/morticia.f.addams.3

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      As I'm sure you can guess, I'm kind of besotted by them too! :D


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