Monday, December 12, 2011

On the Twelfth Day of Creepmas, Great Pumpkin gave to me...

A Gothic Christmas Stocking

I absolutely adore this Gothic Christmas stocking! It's available from Etsy shop, Working Class Punx, along with a selection of other Punk and sub-culture inspired accessories.


  1. that is wonderful, yes i am a dude who can admire pretty things. have a great 12th day of creepmas.


  2. That is to die for, next year I hope I can add the black and white stripe thing some how, absolutly bootiful!!!!!

  3. Hi iZombie,

    And that makes you the best sort of dude, indeed!! It's not surprising, of course, because you're an artist. You have aesthetic sensibilities!

    Have a great 12th Day of Creepmas too! Can't believe it's almost the 13th!!

    Hi Vivienne,

    Yes, it's gorgeous! My perfect idea of a Christmas Stocking. Happy Creepmas!

    Hi DeeSpookyOne,

    Oh, I absolutely agree! The stocking is fabulously Gothic, and then, I think, the black and white stripes of the ribbon give it a Tim Burton touch. Did you notice that the spider is striped too?! Very Burtonesque!!

  4. JUst perfect! I really like to spider-holder thingy too

  5. Now that's how you decorate for Christmas. A great find! And it is very Burtonesque. Which, in turn, is a bit of a throwback to your Addams Family crush. This should spook up the mantle in just the right way. Cheers!

  6. That stocking matches your blog background!

  7. Hi King Unicorn,

    Yes, it's very inspiring! This is my idea of what Christmas should look like! Creepmas has turned out to be a great source of wonderful ideas for Gothing up the Yuletide season.

    Hi Justine,

    Haha. I know! How could I possibly resist!!

  8. Hi Be Witchy,

    Yes, the spider is very cool. As I mentioned above, it looks very Tim Burton with the stripes.

  9. Hi Lissa,

    Haha. Me too!!!

    Hi iZombie,

    You're welcome!!


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