Friday, December 2, 2011

On the Second Day of Creepmas, Great Pumpkin gave to me...

A Spooky Stocking Stuffer

Instill a love for Creepmas in the hearts and minds of the next generation by popping a spooky game or two in their stockings.

This deck of eerie Old Maid cards is available from the Etsy shop of blog buddy, Justine, of Justine's Halloween.


  1. those are some very cool cards. merry creepmas!

  2. Hi iZombie,

    Yes, very cool indeed! Merry Creepmas to you, too!!

  3. Justine is an awesome artist and blogger. I have to put these cards on my fave list.

    Happy Creepmas, V.

  4. Love the graphics on these cards. Merry Creepmas.. bawhahaa

  5. great cards! thanks for the link!

  6. I really like those creepy cards!

  7. I got these...last year, I think? Before I even "knew" Justine. I happened to find them on eBay while searching for Halloween games...a category seriouslylacking in content!

  8. Oh, this is so cool. and I love the creepy pictures.

  9. The cards are awesome, but Zoe caught my eye! She turned out great! LOVE her!

  10. Hi Vivienne,

    Yes, Justine is an awesome artist and blogger! I'm sure your girls would love these cards! My son does!

    Hi Be Witchy

    They're great aren't they?! They take a simple game to a whole new level. Merry Creepmas!

    Hi merricat,

    Yeah, sooooo much better than a traditional Old Maid card deck!

    Hi Pam,

    My pleasure!

    Hi wicKED,

    Oh, if only all cards were creepy!

    Hi Dex1138,

    Yes, I got these cards a while back too. I completely agee, there have never been enough Halloween games available. I've written before about the two spooky games I had as a kid, and I've discovered that they are being sold, secondhand, for a fortune on eBay, so there's obviously a market for them. Go, Justine!!

    Hi pensive,

    Yep, totally awesome!!

    Hi Mary,

    Yeah, the creepy pictures are great! It's really hard to pick a favourite.

    Hi Annie,

    Oh, thanks! Life's been so busy lately that it has been a struggle getting enough time to make them. At the risk of making yet another one of my TV/movie related references, a 'Three Amigos' quote keeps going through my mind: "Sew like the wind!" Haha

  11. Thank you so much for promoting my cards! Yes, they are a good stocking size. :) Thanks to all of you who left such sweet comments too!

    Dex ~ You bought these from me? I had no idea!

  12. Hi Justine,

    My pleasure! Just what everybody would want to find tucked into their Creepmas stocking!!


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