Thursday, December 1, 2011

On the First Day of Creepmas, Great Pumpkin gave to me...

Futurama's Robot Santa Claus

Robot Santa : Ho, ho, ho! It's time to get jolly on your naughty asses!

Created by The Friendly Robot Company, in the year 2801, Futurama's Robot Santa was designed to judge whether people were naughty or nice, in an attempt to efficiently sort worthy recipients of gifts. A programming error, however, resulted in Robot Santa setting out in his sleigh, on an annual reign of terror, to punish all those on his naughty list.


  1. There are a few people on my naughty list I would like to punish.

    Happy Creepmas, V.

  2. Jolly on your naughty asses! Haha! I love Futurama. I think I watch way too much TV.

  3. LOL I love Futurama. Robot Santa is perfect for Creepmas!

  4. For some reason it reminds me of the Jetsons, LOL.

  5. I love Robot Santa, Futurama is a favorite of mine.

  6. Hi Vivienne,

    Yep, there are quite a few people on my naughty list too! Haha.

    Happy Creepmas!

    Hi Annie,

    Yeah, I love Futurama too! The fact that a good proportion of my family's dialogue consists of TV and movie quotes, leads me to believe that we watch too much TV as well! Haha.

    Hi wicKED,

    Thanks! Yes, Robot Santa was one of the first ideas that popped into my head when I learnt about Creepmas.

    Hi Adsila,

    Good one! Maybe if we introduced the Jetson's robot maid, Rosey, to Robot Santa, he'd be too occupied to get jolly on all of our asses!

    Hi Autumn,

    Yeah, he's a great character for Creepmas!

    Hi Slowdeath,

    Futurama is definitely a favourite in our household, and all the robot characters are hilarious. My son has quite a few of the figures, including the Robot Devil, which is very cool!

  7. Haha! I love the spikes on his hat. I'm starting to think that we like all the same shows! I guess that makes sense, since we have a similar sense of humor. :)

  8. Hi art bliss,

    Haha. I just went and reminded myself of the Futurama Christmas song before I responded to your comment, and it turns out there are a few of them.

    My personal favourite is:

    "Santa Claus is Gunning You Down"

    Amy: He knows when you are sleeping.
    Farnsworth: He knows when you're on the can.
    Leela: He'll hunt you down and blast your ass from here to Pakistan.
    Zoidberg: Ohh.
    Hermes: You better not breathe, you better not move.
    Bender: You're better off dead, I'm telling you dude,
    Fry: Santa Claus is gunning you down.

  9. Hi Justine,

    Yeah, his little pompom is so cute with the tiny spikes! Haha. Yep, I think we do like the same shows!

  10. Ah, Robot Santa. An excellent choice to kick off the festivities. And punish those on the Naughty List with rockets and death rays and...and...

    So much destruction is perfect for Creepmas!


  11. Wishing you a very Scary Creepmas!

    Excellent choice for day #1!

  12. Hi King Unicorn,

    Thank you! Indeed, rockets and death rays are absolutely de rigueur for any self-respecting Creepmas Santa!

    Hi Spooky Vegan,

    Thanks! And a very Scary Creepmas to you, too!

  13. I love Robot Santa, that has to be my favorite episode of Futurama!

  14. Hi BeWitchy,

    Yes, it was hilarious!

    Hi Aimee,

    Yeah, I love the Robot Santa episode too, although I think my absolute favourite episode is when Zapp Brannigan and Bender sing Duran Duran's 'Hungry Like the Wolf'. I'm laughing just thinking about it.


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