Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Ghastlies

I thought I might let you in on one of my little obsessions, The Ghastlies. In case you don't recognize them, they are part of a Halloween line from Alexander Henry Fabrics. Of course, The Addams Family will always be my first love when it comes to spooky clans, but I've become quite besotted with The Ghastlies as well.

The images on these fabrics are aesthetically just my cup of tea, but more than that, they also manage to create an engagingly eerie little world of Victorian Gothic manors, graveyards, bats, witches and vampires as the backdrop for this creepy family, and their cat, Sebastian.


  1. I've never seen the ghastlies, but they are delightful. I'll have to look for fabrics with them.

  2. I love these! I've never seen them before, they are so much fun. The facial expressions are a hoot. That cat is the best♥ Thanks for posting.

  3. I bet their family dinners are interesting. I do love the ghastlies.

  4. How wonderful! I am going to have to look for them!


    Dana @ Zombie Girl Shambling

  5. Hi Jessica,

    If you look on Etsy under "Supplies", and then "Fabrics", and then type "The Ghastlies" into the search bar, you'll find plenty of shops selling the fabric. I've been in love with "The Ghastlies" since last Halloween!

    Hi art bliss,

    Yes, Sebastian the cat is the best! I adore this style of illustration. I wish they would make "The Ghastlies" into a book!!!

    Hi Adsila,

    Very interesting, indeed! Haha! The dinner, or "A Ghastly Night", is new for Halloween this year. I really hope that Alexander Henry continues on with this family.

    Hi Dana,

    I couldn't agree more!!! You'll find them on Etsy.

  6. I need some of this fabric! I love this family. They remind me of something Edward Gorey would draw! I think the cartoon man at the end of the table is quite attractive too. :)

  7. Hi Justine,

    Yes, the illustration is very Gorey-esque! It also reminds me a bit of the style of Ronald Searle, who drew the original 'St. Trinians' cartoons. I read somewhere that "The Ghastlies" were drawn by Alexander Henry's brother, but unfortunately, I can't find any more information about that.

    I know what you mean about the man at the end of the table. He's got a very "British actor" look about him.

  8. I love anything Victorian. and this is really interesting and charming. It reminds me of Tim Burton for a moment

  9. Hi Miss Bobo,

    Yes, a bit like the characters in the 'Corpse Bride' movie!!

  10. Oh, I love these. I like the witches--and that hair!!! Tre's cool!

  11. Hi Lorelei,

    Yes, I love the vignette of the witches all in a huddle with magical vapours rising into the air.


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