Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Get To Know Your Bloggers" Interview

It's all happening at the moment...

Britnie, aka Random Girl, from the Blog, ... It's On Random, has interviewed me for her "Get To Know Your Bloggers" series (here). One of the most fun parts of this interview was getting to ask Britnie some questions, and I discovered that this gal has an end of the world evacuation and procedure plan that makes Sarah Connor look like a slacker, by comparison! I was seriously impressed, and in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I know whose team I want to be on. And she's even got a crossbow, my zombie apocalypse weapon of choice... swoon!

Britnie's blog is an eclectic mix of zombies, craft, cooking, comics, games, and more. She is an amazing artist, and has a shop called Astrid's Alley, full of handmade soaps, and zombie items galore. Thank you for interviewing me, Britnie! Check out ... It's On Random, here.


  1. Awe thank you so much! This was an amazingly awesome post. Thank you for the shout out

  2. What a cool idea! I may steal your idea and interview and guest star some of my blogger/followers. Are you ready to answer some questions? :-D

  3. Hi Random Girl,

    My pleasure! Thank you for the interview, and for the "Get To Know Your Bloggers" series. I really enjoy reading about the people behind each of the blogs that you have featured!

    Hi Dark Angel,

    The "Get To Know Your Bloggers" interviews are Random Girl's idea, and yes, it's very cool! I was merely an interviewee. Check out the series on ... It's On Random blog. It's really fun!

  4. I look forward in getting to know you! :)

  5. When you become really famous, can I tell people how I knew you way back when? Haha. This is very cool!

  6. Hi Real Queen,

    Thank you!!

    Hi Jason,

    Haha! I'll always just be Emma from The 'Burbs! (Wink)

  7. Hi Jenny,

    Yes, it's very cool! I love reading all the interviews, and it was fun getting a chance to answer the questions myself.

  8. Loved the interview. Very awesome to read.

  9. read it, and followed you here... fantastic little... in a big way!

    jeremy [iZombie]

  10. I love It's On Random, Britnie does such a good job! I read it a few hours ago, man that girl is prepared!
    Crossbow is a really good choice

  11. Hi LuLu

    Thank you!

    Hi iZombie,

    Thank you! I already follow your blog. I love your Blogger Zombie Walk artwork!!! I'll miss it when the walk's over.

    Hi Cherry,

    I know! Britnie's really primed for anything! Governments could really utilize her talents!!

  12. Cool! I can't wait to take a look at your interview answers and compare them to mine. :) The set of questions she asks seem random, but I think people's answers reveal a lot about their personalities!

  13. Hi Justine,

    I just went to check your comment. Yes, Australia and Vegemite are pretty synonymous! We're indoctrinated into revering it when we're babies. President Obama tried some recently and no amount of diplomacy could hide his horror! Haha! The mistake foreigners always make is spreading it on too thickly, like peanut butter. Australians only use a thin scrape. It's very salty. Mind you, if I had never eaten it, I probably wouldn't want to try it. It looks pretty gross!

    Chocolate on the other hand... too much, is never enough!!

    Yeah, I've idly mulled over the old zombie apocalypse scenario, but Britnie has an amazingly detailed strategy. It's extraordinary!


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