Saturday, September 24, 2011

Delightfully Dark Quotes


  1. Yeah, I think George A. Romero was right. I wonder what that makes werewolves though?

    BTW I'm not in on this "zombie blog walk" thing yet because I'm doing my "Hallowe'en countdown" instead.

  2. Hi Dr Blood,

    Hmm... werewolves? Matching monsters to their human equivalent could be an interesting exercise. I'll have to give that some thought.

    I'm just easing into the zombie genre prior to the walk. My blog is usually more Addams Family/Victorian Gothic than rotting walking corpse, so I'm making a gentle transition. Will you be participating in the walk on September 30?

  3. I thought werewolves were blue colar monsters

  4. Hi Jessica,

    Yes, I suppose they seem more blue-collar when compared to the vampire, which is traditionally more aristocratic and urbane.

  5. Popping by to say Good Morning my friend!!!


  6. Ha! I couldn't agree more. Need an entire city terrorized on a budget, send in the zombies. Need monsters that don't require rare, foreign sustenance to keep them upright? A small, mid-western town is essentially the Kroger of the zombie community. Don't want to worry about complex commands or plans that your minions might misinterpret? Again, zombies.

    Any good supernatural villain should keep a shipping container of zombies handy for those sudden world-domination urges.

  7. Really? I thought the blue collar monsters were zombies!!

  8. Love the quote. I wonder what werewolves would be as well.

  9. Hi there, LuLu,

    Good morning to you, too!!

    Hi King Unicorn,

    Haha! Yes, with all the mythology about the creation of sophisticated "super soldiers", zombies would seem to be a very sensible and effective budget alternative.

    Hi Dreamer,

    I'd say that there are probably a substantial number of corporate zombies about, too!

    Hi Vivienne,

    Yes, I've been mulling over that question, too. What about ghouls? Or mummies? Or shapeshifters? I think we could find a human occupation that would be a match for each of them.

  10. All I know is that vampires are monster royalty. I'm not sure about the rest of monster society. :)

  11. Hi Justine,

    That's all I know, as well! All the rest is just idle conjecture on my part. Haha!

  12. I think I will join in the Zombiethon after all. :)


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