Monday, September 19, 2011

Delightfully Dark Quotes: Joss Whedon


  1. This quote is Whedonverse Approved!

  2. Sucky people not allowed!! LOL!

  3. Oh Joss Whedon, how I love you. Great choice of quote today!

  4. You have been chosen

  5. Haha! Good one. Yeah, some people use the old "I'm just being myself" excuse for all kinds of obnoxious behavior. Whenever someone says that, I feel like telling them not to be themselves. :)

  6. Hi LuLu,

    Haha! For some reason I was in the mood for this quote!

    Hi Cherry,

    Excellent! I wouldn't want Whedonverse to disapprove!

    Hi wicKED,

    Right there with you!

    Hi Vivienne,

    Me, too!!

    Hi Dreamer,

    Definitely not allowed! Haha!

    Hi Megan,

    Thank you! He's a little devil, is Joss Whedon!

    Hi Dr Blood,

    No, you don't!

    Hi Slowdeath,

    Haha! The chosen one will be stopping by your blog for all the gory details.

    Hi Justine,

    Couldn't agree more! There are people who really should avoid being themselves at all costs! Haha!

  7. That man is a fountain of wisdom....
    Good quote!

  8. Hi Andrew,

    A fountain of wisdom, indeed! Thanks!


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