Monday, September 12, 2011

Delightfully Dark Finds

Moribund Manor - Haunted House by Winona Cookie

Here's a little something to turn the Halloween spirit up a notch or two. Moribund Manor is a print of an original collage (the original artwork is also available to purchase) created by Ramona, of Etsy shop, Winona Cookie.

Not only is this artwork gorgeously detailed, but Ramona has supplied a delightfully dark backstory for all the deceased inhabitants of Moribund Manor. For example, there's Antoine Caput who committed suicide by the novel means of decapitation, and Owlwin Kestrel who was born with his head facing backwards and died after walking into one too many walls.

And just when I thought Winona Cookie couldn't get any better, I discovered that Ramona's shop was named after her childhood imaginary friend! 

You can see more Winona Cookie creations here.


  1. I've been back to this about half a dozen times during the night trying to think of a comment to write. But... there are no cats in the picture.

  2. Hi Dr Blood,

    Well, in this rare case I'm glad it's a feline-free zone because all the occupants of this particular house are dead and met gruesome ends. That's all well and good for humans, but I can't have any kitties being harmed!

  3. This is gorgeous. It's the perfect mix of elegance and macabre, and her shop is fantastic! Thank you so much for introducing her work!

    Also, I adore your blog and wondering if you would be interested in joining my October blog party. Your posts are perfect for the Halloween weekend and I know my readers would love to hear from you. If you were interested feel to e-mail me at

    (Also I apologize for posting this here, but I was unable to find a contact email)

  4. This is one of the cooler collages I've ever seen. I love the little headless people! The cut up old photos are a nice touch. I don't know if I could bear cutting up antique photos, but they look great. I like the lace clouds and shrubs too.

  5. Oh I love a good story that has a picture too. It's beautiful

  6. I love this one! I'll have to look for it on etsy.

  7. Love it! So enchanting in a morbid way. Love the octopuse hanging out on the chimney.

  8. Thats octopus not octopuse. Can't spell today.

  9. Hi Megan,

    I'm quite mesmerized by this picture and keep "visiting" my own blog just to look at it! Haha! I'm very glad you like it, too!

    No need to apologize, by the way! My email is in on my profile page, but I'm glad you mentioned you had trouble finding it - I think I'll put it in my sidebar, as well. Thanks for the October blog party invite. I will get in touch with you.

    Hi Justine,

    I couldn't cut up original photos, but luckily it's easy enough to make copies to chop up. I would love to get a close look at the original collage and really get to inspect some of the 3D details, like the lace.

    Hi Cherry,

    I would love the picture anyway, but the backstory is just (I apologize in advance) the "cherry" on top!!

    Hi Vivienne,

    Yes, I love all those details like the octopus! And don't worry about the spelling - I know just how you feel, after not getting anywhere near enough sleep last night! "Octopuse" looks rather exotic, anyway!!!

  10. Hi Jessica,

    Yes, check out the shop. There's lots of other eye candy like this to browse through.

  11. Oh boy...I am going over to check out her shop!

    I am back from my Halloween show and already working on new things!

    I missed visiting with you!!


  12. Hi LuLu,

    I hope your show went well, and it's good to have you back!! I look forward to seeing what creative mischief you've been up to!!

  13. T.T you are so wonderful with these blog posts!!!!!!!!!!!
    this picture looks amazing. it must be more radically amaZing to look at it up close! :D thank youuuuuuu! <3

  14. Hi Miss Bobo,

    Thank you! That's so sweet of you! I'd love to see it up close as well!! I really want to take a good look at each and every ghostie, and creature.

  15. That is amazing! I wonder if Antoine Caput' wife wanted to watch the new 90210 all the time or something...

  16. Haha! I'd say the new 90210 would definitely be grounds for self-inflicted decapitation!

  17. How lovely! I love people with fantastically dark imaginations! And I love that it was named after her imaginary childhood friend, too. Mine was called James, I met him at age 15, and all my family and friends used to accommodate him knowing I was just kidding (or so they desperately hoped).

  18. Hi Emm,

    You sound like the sort of 15 year old that I would have deeply appreciated. So are you and "James" still acquainted?

  19. Naaah. That particular line of wish fulfillment ended when I met my husband and now I truly appreciate my rare solitary moments!

  20. Haha! Well I hope James was able to get over you and move on to some other imaginative 15 year old!

  21. You are on It's On Random today!

  22. This is a cool collage, the kind of collage I'd hang up in my house &leave out all year long.

    I always enjoy your delightfully dark finds! :)

  23. Hi Real Queen,

    Yeah, me too! I'd definitely hang it up all year long!

    And, thank you! I love the Delightfully Dark Finds, too! It's fun tracking down all these... well, delightfully dark finds! Haha!

  24. Hi Random Girl,

    Thank you! I've linked to ...It's On Random!!


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