Thursday, September 8, 2011

Buffy Revisited

Buffy: "Y'know, you really oughtta talk to your contractor. Looks like you got some water damage."

Master: "Oh, good. The feeble banter portion of the fight."

As I continue on my quest to re-watch Buffy in its entirety, I have come to the end of the first season. The Slayer has had her showdown with the Master, or as he will come to be known, Buffy's first "Big Bad". Apparently the expression "Big Bad" was coined after Angel turned dark-side in Season Two. In the episode 'Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered', Buffy describes Angel as "the big, bad thing in the dark." The term evolved, amongst the fans and the show's creators, into a label given to the major antagonist of each season. "Big Bad" has now become a part of popular culture vernacular, and is often used in reference to recurring villains in other television series.

The "Big Bad", and other assorted monsters, however, weren't the only things creating havoc in the corridors of Sunnydale High during Season One. Desires ran amok, as well. Buffy yearned for Angel, Xander coveted Buffy, and poor Willow longed for Xander. The faculty and the undead weren't exempt either, as school librarian Giles started to fancy computer teacher, Jenny Calendar, and Angel, of course, pined for The Slayer from his position lurking in the shadows. These infatuations would become the launching pad for a slew of love triangles that became a distinctive feature of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and its spin-off show, Angel.

So, on to Season Two...


  1. Can you believe I've never seen this show? But it is in my Netflix queue for future I'm not totally hopeless.

  2. Hi Jason,

    Oh, you've got to watch it! Some of the special effects - particularly in the early seasons - are a bit dated, but the storylines, and the humour have held up remarkably well!

  3. I need to re-watch Buffy as well. It's an awesome show and I wish there was something like it on TV now.

  4. More than anything, it's that snarky, world-weary teen nihilism that bubbles up as great one-liners that made BTVS one of the best and funniest shows of all time. In the world of Vampires, it had all been done before and Whedon understood that to bring something fresh to the table, he had to tackle that issue dead-on (pardon the pun), turning these tired elements on their heads and reinventing, in many ways, who and what a character like this was.

  5. I think I may be revisiting Buffy myself here soon. When I had my first baby, I had to stay up all night with him feeding him and whatnot and I watched 7 seasons of Buffy twice that year during my nightly vigils. I'm having another baby and I think it is time to dust off the old DVDs and get ready for some more late night Buffy sessions.

  6. Hi Vivienne,

    There's a new show about to start called "Grimm". It's from the co-executive producer of "Buffy", David Greenwalt. The premise is that dark fairy tales are all true, and that a line of "Grimms", throughout history, protect the world from these storybook supernatural creatures . The Grimm in this story, is a homicide detective.

    As always, it comes down to the quality of the writing, so we'll just have to wait and see.

    Hi Cullan,

    Yes, I couldn't agree more! Plus, at the core of the show was always the concept that there exists no greater "Hell", or horror, than High School itself!

    Hi Jessica,

    Sounds like the perfect way to bond with your baby. Congratulations by the way!!

  7. Oh, joy! It is on Netflix, great! You make me want to watch even more because I didn't watch it fully through--just an episode here & there.

    Were you a fan of Angel's show?

  8. Hi Real Queen,

    Yeah, I loved "Angel", too! "Buffy" was the whole package though, because it had the music as well. I love the "Buffy" soundtracks.

    I was so pleased that Spike crossed over to "Angel" when "Buffy" ended.

  9. Oh, that quote is fantastic!

    By the way, I watched "Only You" tonight and absolutely loved it! Thanks for the suggestion. This totally made up for "Don't Look Now" hehe just kidding... I loved Robert Downey Jr. in this movie. I love him in everything, but this was very cute! It was fun to see more beautiful images of Italy too.

  10. Haha! Yes, I miss the Master's sarcasm! The Mayor, the Big Bad of Season 3, was also particularly hilarious, I thought, so I should have plenty of material to pick from once I get to him.

    I'm glad you enjoyed 'Only You'. I thought you would, especially if you love Robert Downey Jr. That movie is such a spectacular travelogue of Italy. I promise I won't suggest any more movies that I haven't seen in years... just in case my memory is a little faulty! Haha!

  11. I never got into this show, don't know why but It never blew my skirt up. I'm thinking about revisiting Supernatural. Love my Winchester boys! :D

  12. Oh, I'm watching the Winchester boys, as well! Can't go too long without them or I get a little twitchy!

    New season of "Supernatural" starts soon!!!

  13. I just watched the trailer for GRIMM, I am in love with it already. Now i just have to wait till Oct 21. Thanks for the info on it.

  14. Hi Vivienne,

    My pleasure! Let's just hope it lives up to the trailer!!

  15. Hey, Emma. I think I was adicted to BTVS, and am slowly getting the seasons so I can watch them. I agree with Cullan, and you about the writing, and the great one-liners. Xander's quips had to have been placed just so, right in the middle of when things were going bad, and you laughed, and at the same time wanted to see Buffy go get the bad asses.

    Grimm sounds really intriguing!
    Great post.

  16. Hi Lorelei,

    It always boils down to the writing, doesn't it? The writing on "Buffy" was just so exquisite. Although, Nicholas Brendon had incredible comic timing, as Xander, too! He delivered those one-liners beautifully.

    And yes, I've really got my fingers crossed for 'Grimm'. I only found out about it a few days ago on the Horror Smorgasbord blog. Slowdeath77 has done a post on 'Grimm' that includes a trailer:

  17. My friends say I should get a tattoo of a stamp that says Whedon-verse approved on me. So you can tell I'm a Buffy fan. Season one was so good. I'm always delving back into episodes of Buffy. Oh and you're starting Season 2 soon, that means Halloween!!! "A demon! A demon! A demon...~car screech~".

    And may I just add...mmmmmmmmmmm Dean Winchester

  18. Actually, just quietly, I'm already up to Season 3. I'm running behind with my Buffy posts because I'm getting through the series much faster than I thought I would.

    Yeah, the Halloween episode is great. I love it when Spike realizes that chaos has taken over Sunnydale, and he just smiles and says, "Well! This is just... neat!"


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