Friday, September 30, 2011

Blogger Zombie Walk - Giveaway

Zola the Zombie Doll

As my contribution to the Blogger Zombie Walk, I am giving away one of my Little Gothic Horrors. Zola the Zombie was designed and made by me. If you'd like to enter the giveaway for a chance to win Zola, just leave me a comment with the word "zombie" in it and you will go into the draw. Anyone, anywhere is welcome to enter.

The giveaway will be open over the entire weekend following the walk. A name will be drawn out of the cauldron during the week and a winner will be announced here on Saturday, October 8th. If you need to comment as "anonymous", please make sure that you leave a name so that I can identify you in the draw.

If for any reason you're having trouble leaving a comment then just shoot me an email, (here) and I will enter you in the draw that way.

I'd also like to thank Autumnforest, of Ghost Hunting Theories blog, for organizing this event!

The rest of the stops on the walk are listed below, so when you're done here, please shuffle and shamble off to the next blog.

Thanks so much for visiting Little Gothic Horrors!

October 9, 2011

Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway for Zola the Zombie during the Blogger Zombie Walk. Entries have now closed, and the winner is HollyHorrorshow! Congratulations Holly! Zola will soon be on her way to nibble at your brain!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rise Again - A Novel by Ben Tripp

As I have mentioned in a previous post, The Walking Dead series gave me a new-found appreciation for the zombie genre, so I decided to give a zombie novel a try. After searching around Amazon, and reading a few reviews, I settled upon Rise Again, by Ben Tripp, and fortunately, I wasn't disappointed.

The story centres around Danielle (Danny) Adeleman, an Iraq War veteran and sheriff of small American town, Forrest Peak. During Fourth of July celebrations, a mystery contagion spreads through the town leaving the population of locals and visiting tourists decimated within hours. When the deceased begin to rise again and attack the living, Danny takes on the responsibility of a small band of survivors and flees the town, only to discover that nowhere is safe from the ravenous walking dead.

Okay, so the basic premise is pretty familiar zombie apocalypse fare, but it's the strong characters that really take this story to the next level. A warrior and natural leader, Danny is also a functioning alcoholic, scarred both physically and emotionally by her time in combat. She's not instantly likeable, but the way she tenaciously faces each soul-crushing trial, while at the same time searching for her missing sister, and attempting to protect those in her charge, made me care about her despite her faults. It was also interesting the way the book focused on Danny's military mindset and her constant need to create some kind of order amidst the anarchy.

Danny's little band of survivors are also engaging, and satisfy the most important requirement for any horror tale in my opinion, and that is, you really want them to survive. Some of these supporting characters, like a gay interior designer from Los Angeles, and a town drunk, could so easily have been stereotypes, but the author peeled away the superficial facades and created real human beings who quickly became my favourites. In many ways, the novel is primarily about the manner in which a broken society brings out the best and the worst in humanity. The most unlikely characters emerge with extraordinary nobility, while the actions of others are in fact far more disturbing and monstrous than the zombie threat.

Great characters aside, Rise Again is ultimately a zombie apocalypse novel, and as such, it also contains plenty of the requisite violence, gore, and scares that the zombie genre demands. The sights, smells, sounds, and tactile sensations are vividly described, and the pace is excellent with plenty of nail-biting tension, but just the right amount of respite between the big horror set pieces. Plus, without giving anything away, there is a stunning cliffhanger of an ending, and happily, from what I understand, a sequel is on the way. This book would have made a great television series if The Walking Dead hadn't got there first.

Rise Again is available here.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

"Get To Know Your Bloggers" Interview

It's all happening at the moment...

Britnie, aka Random Girl, from the Blog, ... It's On Random, has interviewed me for her "Get To Know Your Bloggers" series (here). One of the most fun parts of this interview was getting to ask Britnie some questions, and I discovered that this gal has an end of the world evacuation and procedure plan that makes Sarah Connor look like a slacker, by comparison! I was seriously impressed, and in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I know whose team I want to be on. And she's even got a crossbow, my zombie apocalypse weapon of choice... swoon!

Britnie's blog is an eclectic mix of zombies, craft, cooking, comics, games, and more. She is an amazing artist, and has a shop called Astrid's Alley, full of handmade soaps, and zombie items galore. Thank you for interviewing me, Britnie! Check out ... It's On Random, here.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Delightfully Dark Finds

Moribund Manor - Haunted House by Winona Cookie

Here's a little something to turn the Halloween spirit up a notch or two. Moribund Manor is a print of an original collage (the original artwork is also available to purchase) created by Ramona, of Etsy shop, Winona Cookie.

Not only is this artwork gorgeously detailed, but Ramona has supplied a delightfully dark backstory for all the deceased inhabitants of Moribund Manor. For example, there's Antoine Caput who committed suicide by the novel means of decapitation, and Owlwin Kestrel who was born with his head facing backwards and died after walking into one too many walls.

And just when I thought Winona Cookie couldn't get any better, I discovered that Ramona's shop was named after her childhood imaginary friend! 

You can see more Winona Cookie creations here.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Skeleton Dance

The Skeleton Dance was created in 1929, as the first of Disney's Silly Symphonies. The concept was bold at the time because the film featured no familiar characters, or even a story. It was simply a fusion of music and animation designed to evoke a mood.

In spite of its age, The Skeleton Dance remains an immensely popular and critically admired  cartoon. It is spookily atmospheric and kookily charming... although, those skeletons really should keep their bony hands off the long-suffering graveyard cats!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Buffy Revisited

Buffy: "Y'know, you really oughtta talk to your contractor. Looks like you got some water damage."

Master: "Oh, good. The feeble banter portion of the fight."

As I continue on my quest to re-watch Buffy in its entirety, I have come to the end of the first season. The Slayer has had her showdown with the Master, or as he will come to be known, Buffy's first "Big Bad". Apparently the expression "Big Bad" was coined after Angel turned dark-side in Season Two. In the episode 'Bewitched, Bothered, and Bewildered', Buffy describes Angel as "the big, bad thing in the dark." The term evolved, amongst the fans and the show's creators, into a label given to the major antagonist of each season. "Big Bad" has now become a part of popular culture vernacular, and is often used in reference to recurring villains in other television series.

The "Big Bad", and other assorted monsters, however, weren't the only things creating havoc in the corridors of Sunnydale High during Season One. Desires ran amok, as well. Buffy yearned for Angel, Xander coveted Buffy, and poor Willow longed for Xander. The faculty and the undead weren't exempt either, as school librarian Giles started to fancy computer teacher, Jenny Calendar, and Angel, of course, pined for The Slayer from his position lurking in the shadows. These infatuations would become the launching pad for a slew of love triangles that became a distinctive feature of both Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and its spin-off show, Angel.

So, on to Season Two...