Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Fifty Delightful Darklings!

Jenny Krueger:
"I like to see people's insides on their outside."

Well, who could resist
a statement like that? Not me!

Jenny Krueger, of the blog, Memoirs Of A Scream Queen, became my 50th follower yesterday, and as it happened,
I became her 100th follower on the same day.

Thank you, Jenny!
I'm so glad we were each other's milestones! If you haven't already done so, you can check out Jenny's fabulous blog here.

And to everyone else who
has followed my blog...
I truly appreciate you all!


  1. Congratulations! :) I love reading your blog. I'm sure you'll reach 100 followers really soon, yourself! I just took a look at Jenny's blog. She has some interesting things to say, so I'm following her too!

  2. Yeahhhhhhh. Congrats that's awesome. Such a great blog I always enjoy my time here.

  3. Thanks, Justine and Slowdeath77! I think you already know that you're two of my favourite people in the blogosphere!!

    It was just so funny that Memoirs and I "milestoned" each other on the same day, and I loved that she was so excited about it! It made my day!

  4. I can't believe I haven't seen this till now. This is so sweet, thank you!! :D It also made my day that we were able to help each other hit a milestone on our blog. You rock girl! :)


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