Thursday, July 21, 2011

The 'Burbs

I laugh a lot. In fact, when I find something really funny, I tend to be a tears-in-the-eyes-falling-off-a-chair sort of laugher. That said, I don't watch many comedies. I tend to like the emotional rollercoaster ride of sandwiching my comedy in between slices of horror and tragedy in the style of shows like Buffy and Supernatural.

One of the notable exceptions to that rule is the movie, The 'Burbs. This is a movie that seems to polarize opinion. Either it is dismissed out of hand, or it is revered as a classic. In my opinion, virtually every line from The 'Burbs is quotable, and indeed, has been quoted by those living under our roof, and amongst close friends. Add to that the neighbourhood haunted house theme, and well... what more could anyone want from a comedy?


  1. 'Burbs fans are a special breed, LuLu! (We really need to invent a secret handshake or something.) So glad you're part of the gang!!

  2. Ha, my daughter and I quote several lines from this movie. We love it!

  3. So I just rented 'The Burbs' and watched it. Thanks so much for recommending this! It's a new addition to my favorite spooky comedy movies! I seriously could not stop watching it. I kept wondering what was going to happen next and how the plot could possibly be resolved.

    Which quotes from the movie do you guys repeat? One of my favorite lines happened when the neighbors were having an awkward visit with the scary family.

    Mark Rumsfield: Klopek, is that Slavic?
    Reuben: NO.
    Mark Rumsfield: 'Bout a nine on the tension scale there, Reub.

    hehe. I actually found a whole web site full of quotes from that movie:

  4. Hi Adsila,

    We showed 'The 'Burbs' to our son, for the first time, on Friday night. He laughed the whole way through and since watching the movie has been doing hilarious impressions of Uncle Reuben (Brother Theodore). We've got a new convert!

    Hi Justine,

    You're making me laugh just thinking about it!! Reuben's, "NO", scene is always the first one that everyone loves. We always use the, "nine on the tension scale", line around here. Wait until you've seen the movie a few more times... every time we watch it we pick up a new favourite line. I just think the whole story is so well observed. I love the scene where Ray is offered the sardines and pretzels, and even though Carol won't touch them herself, she nods to encourage him to eat them. Truth is, I just LOVE every bit of this film!

  5. Oh yes... thanks for the quotes link, Justine! I've been sitting here having a laugh reading through them.

  6. :) Yeah, Reuben is one of the funniest characters. My favorite character in this had to be Rumsfield. I was laughing so hard when he went flying off the roof while his gun was going off. All the teenagers were just standing there clapping like it was planned! So funny. I love Corey Feldman in anything he does! Oh yeah, that sardine scene was too much. How gross! Glad you enjoyed the quote page. I think I may end up buying a copy of this movie...

  7. Some comedies suffer from re-watching because the jokes get stale, but 'The 'Burbs' is the movie that just keeps on giving. It's definitely worth having in your collection! Rumsfield is our number one character, too. My son made us re-watch Rumsfield falling off the roof, 4 times! We were all in such hysterics that my husband even spilt his coffee all over himself. I love the way Rumsfield is all gung-ho and military, but he sits up on the roof nibbling little cookies.

  8. The 'Burbs is awesome!! One of the best yet most underrated horror comedies of all time

  9. OHMIGOSH, this is one of my absolute FAVES!!!!!!!!!! GAH, need to see it again STAT! :-D
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