Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Brocade and Bat Wings

Just a little more eye candy from the Dracula film. Pictured is Lucy (Kate Nelligan), in a 1913-style evening coat, as she arrives to dine with the Count, and later, under the thrall of Dracula, in a gown with sleeves resembling the wings of a bat.


  1. This doll finds that seriously hot!

  2. I've just discovered that your site isn't showing up on my blogroll. Well, it is but "Little Gothic Horrors" has a little white box with a red x next to it which I think means that your RSS feed isn't enabled. I wondered why your posts weren't showing up.

  3. That's mysterious! The RSS feed should be enabled but I will go and double-check. Thanks for letting me know!


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