Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Supernatural - Season 6

I managed, no thanks to Australia's Ten Network, to see the season finale of Supernatural this week. Endless stops, starts, rescheduling, and channel-shuffling have meant that Australia is, woefully, only partway into Season 6. So if you haven't seen the finale yet, be warned, this post contains spoilers.

For some reason, somewhere towards the end of Season 5, I developed a conspiracy-theory mentality towards Supernatural. Even now, despite the fact that none of my conjectures have been validated in any way, I just can't seem to let go of them or take anything I see on the show at face value. I've been convinced that there was a bigger plot brewing beneath the surface story, and by big, I mean even bigger than soulless Sam and Castiel going rogue.

I got this idea in my head that the smashing glass in the Season 6 opening titles was hinting at some type of mirror-world. Death suggested to Dean that all was not as it should be, so I have been toying with the idea that by changing destiny the boys are now in some kind of alternate reality. With hindsight however, I guess the smashing glass was probably more symbolic of Sam's shattered mind. Then again... maybe I'm just over-thinking that, too, and it was nothing more than just a cool visual effect.

I'm going to partly lay the blame for all my wild speculation on the season's departures from established Supernatural mythology, like the revelation that there exists a cure for vampirism. Also, apparently, demons can now be destroyed if their original human remains (I've got a tiny  issue with demons even having original human remains, by the way) are burned. (On a side note, if these are the new rules, then presumably, the creation of any future demons could be permanently halted by the disposal of bodies via cremation rather than burial, right?)

Balthazar: “I’m officially on your team… you bastards.”

Of course, despite my niggling, unanswered questions, there's always plenty to love on this show. For a start, Crowley returned, and I can never get enough of him. I was sure, last season, that Crowley was God, and although that theory hasn't panned out, it still seems there's more to him than meets the eye. (See, I can't help myself!) Balthazar has become a new favourite of mine, so I'm crossing my fingers that his demise won't be permanent, and oh-how-I-hope that Death continues to be a recurring character.

Season 6 contained plenty of Supernatural's trademark angst and tragedy, and as usual, Dean seemed to cop the worst of it. If he wasn't fretting over his soulless brother, he was agonizing over the safety of Lisa and Ben, and Dean was always going to be the one hit hardest by Castiel's betrayal. Part of the show's charm however, is the way it balances the drama with humour. The meta episode, The French Mistake, where Sam and Dean are sent to an alternate universe was hilariously self-deprecating. The fairy episode also stood out, for me, as one of the funniest of the season, plus, it featured David Bowie's, Space Oddity, which was an extra bonus.

So, until Season 7 starts, I suppose I will just have to be content with my compulsive over-analyzing of the storyline thus far. Like, whatever happened to the all-powerful child-Antichrist, Jesse, from Season 5? Wasn't that episode titled, I Believe The Children Are Our Future? Maybe the kid's responsible for everything...


  1. The guy who created Supernatural, Eric Kripke, is from the same city as me. Somehow that makes me cool, I'm just not sure how. Haha.

  2. I friggin LOVEEEEE supernatural and one day one way or another i will marry one of them. I have to! hahaha

  3. i carnt wait for season 7 should be good one just hope its not the final season would nt know what to do if we dont see the winchesters every week but i suppose it ll have to end sometime just hope not yet

  4. I hope they give us plenty of warning before the show finally ends. I need time to prepare myself psychologically and emotionally! I'm not ready to let those Winchester boys go yet!!


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