Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Beautiful Freaks Fest 2 is Nigh!

The second annual Beautiful Freaks Fest is nigh, and this year Rommy will be joining Magaly and me in hosting duties.

This year’s theme is:

Scars, Scars, Scars… Such Terrible Beauty!

As Magaly puts it:

“Let’s create art (short tales, dolls, poems, sculptures, songs, paintings, spells, jewelry… anything you can think of) that celebrates the magic of embracing the scars life has marked our skins and minds with and turn all that hurt into an artful armor of terrible beauty.”

The idea is to create an uplifting piece about rising above life’s scars… to find the beauty in something otherwise terrible… to find the positive in a negative.

Magaly’s blog will be our BFF2 HQ, so head on over there to get loads more information and ideas, but feel free to direct any questions you may have to Rommy and me too. I hope our freaky fest tickles your fancy and look forward to seeing you at the party!


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