Saturday, October 28, 2017

Welcome to October's Heart-Bits with Magaly, 2017

Welcome to my wee contribution to October's Heart Bits with Magaly, hosted by the fabulous Magaly Guerrero.

The Magic of Needle-Felting
For the Love of Stabbing

I started needle-felting about 18 months ago. I was intrigued by the possibilities of this craft, but like anything new, diving in can be a little daunting. I soon discovered, however, that needle-felting is a craft that is not only easy to teach yourself, but it requires minimal tools and materials.

Essentially, you need a foam work pad, felting needles, and wool to get started, then you just need to have the patience to poke, poke, poke at the wool as you shape and smooth it into virtually whatever you can imagine. Just a word of caution though, be prepared to occasionally stab yourself with those sharp needles, especially in the beginning...  

The first picture shows the special felting wool and needles alongside a foundation shape that I felted... 

... which eventually became Cousin Itt. 

Here are some more pieces that I have needle-felted:

If you would like to give needle-felting a go, here are some of my recommendations to get you started:


I personally like to needle-felt with Norwegian C1 wool batting, which I purchase from Dream Felt. It felts up beautifully!


My favourite needles are by Felt Alive. I've tried others but the Felt Alive needles are the best, in my opinion. They are colour-coded and cushioned making them so convenient and comfortable to use. The Felt Alive website has lots of information and tutorials to help you get started.

Video Tutorials

I used books and videos to teach myself needle-felting. Here are links to a couple of basic tutorials that you may find useful:

Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2

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  1. I know, I just know! that you've done this on purpose. You well know I won't be able to resist anything that promotes art where I get to stab things, right? I bet the stabbing and jabbing is extremely relaxing. I can see why you love it!

    I love the sampler, too. I shall go and stroke my hammer and blade while grinning half madly (and make the raven jealous). :-D

    Thank you for adding your needles to my October's Heart-Bits.

    1. This craft is most definitely right up your alley, Lady M! And the stabbing IS relaxing. And each poke makes this fabulous crunchy sound that is so satisfying! ;D ❤

    2. A crunchy sound ... how exciting! And what a delightful “body” of work you’ve produced, Emma! 🖤

  2. This is amazing! I bet the stabbing and poking is so satisfying, especially when you start with such a shapeless form and work it into something so beautiful! I love the heart and the flower - also the troll... lol.

    1. Thank you, Esther! ❤ Yes, the stabbing, oddly enough, has quite a zen quality to it. I guess the repetition is soothing in the same way that people find knitting a form of mindful meditation.

  3. Oh you are so clever!!! This is a craft I have yet to try....and there aren't that many left lol. Stunning creations XXX

  4. My husband will likely strangle himself with bellydance scarves and kimono strings if I start one more hobby, but you make it sound so tempting! You work is just so damn cute. <3

  5. Oooh, it looks your creations look amazing. It does look very difficult and complicated.

  6. Woah...Stunning beauties, I am in love with them all but especially that gothic laced black heart...soooo smitten, so gorgeous! I love the way you describe this wonderful artform..stabbing feels expressive and so fun, i think I would so enjoy that! Super-beautiful post, and such talent, thanks for this enchanting journey into your world today!

  7. Your creations are so beautiful, Emma. But it's the one protesting Fast Fashion that made me sit up, the first time I saw it. I marvelled at how a seemingly "simple" act of needle-felting can produce such a powerful message. Thank you for enriching us with your beautiful art.

  8. I agree with Magaly, stabbing and art all rolled into one pleasurable adventure. Who could resist. Love your needle felting art. xoxo Oma Linda

  9. I especially love Cousin Itt. Who could be more felty than that? Oh, ok, felty isn't a word? It is now. :) I think your felting is probably as relaxing to you as painting is to me. Nice things you have made!

  10. My goodness this is good!!💞 Your creations are full of depth and underlying wisdom.. especially love that Gothic laced black heart!!💞

  11. Oh my gosh these are amazing! I love them all but I think Cousin It may be my favorite!

  12. This is so cool!!! You are brilliant Emma! Your creations are amazing! I really love them all! Big Hugs!!!

  13. These look amazing - you are one talented lady!

  14. you are so talented! I love your work!!
    why why why had I not seen your blog before???
    I follow you on fb and instagram!! Glad I found you:)


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