Saturday, April 25, 2015

And the winner is...

I think I jumped from the Wizard of Oz to Alice in Wonderland this week because like the White Rabbit, I'm late... very late announcing the winner of my giveaway for Oma Linda's Shadows of Oz  blog party. I assigned a number to each comment in the order that they were left and then let the RANDOM.ORG Random Number Generator make a selection:

1. Winter Moon
2. Rommy
3. Gina
4. Magaly
5. Insomniac's Attic
6. Oma Linda
7. Lora
8. Lucretia
9. Kim
10. Laura
11. Debi
12. Gabriel
13. James
14. April
15. Sunshineshelle
16. Beverly
17. Siobhan
18. Gatekeeper
19. Magic Love Crow
20. Nina
21. Jessie
22. Mark
23. Persephone

And the winner is...


Thank you to everyone who visited me and/or participated in this fun event. As soon as I get your details, Nina, Poppy will be on her way to you!


Thank you so much for visiting and commenting!