Friday, March 7, 2014

A Little Sunshine from a Winter Moon

The lovely Yvonne, of Winter Moon blog, has passed along the Sunshine blogger award to me.

Of course, me being me, I'll have to break the rules, the first of which is to nominate 11 bloggers to pass the award onto. As some of you may already have been nominated, or perhaps don't have the time or inclination to participate, simply consider yourself nominated if you would like to join in.

I'm also supposed to state 11 facts about myself... 

After almost 3 years of blogging, this is not the first time I've been asked to list some personal trivia, so the well has pretty much run dry on interesting facts, if indeed I ever provided any at all, so I apologize in advance for what follows. I feel compelled to suggest that you might want to run now... save yourself... while you can!

1. I'm a tad obsessive.
And when I say, "a tad", I mean, "extremely". I will shamelessly wallow in and enthuse over things I like until the proverbial cows come home... and then, once the cows are fed and tucked up in their barn, I'll just keep right on wallowing and enthusing.

For example, I'm currently finding it hard to let go of the Vampire's Day Soiree and the subject of my post, television show Moonlight. I re-watched the series with my family in anticipation of the soiree... and now I'm making them re-watch it all over again. (It's lucky my husband and son tolerate my little ways.) The photo at the top of this post is of Moonlight vampire, Mick St. John, shielding his eyes from the dawn light. Yep, I was determined to find some way to jam a vamp into a Sunshine award post!

2. I love cats! 
Phoebe with Skellie

I am a cat-person, and given the right conditions, would absolutely be a Crazy Cat Lady. I adore them because they are smart, funny, furry, beautiful, affectionate (I've had many cats, and while they've all had different personalities, they were always loving in their own ways), and purring is one of my favourite sounds in the whole world; there's a primal comfort to it.

Cats also fascinate me. They have such a rich history and mythology surrounding them. They were revered in Ancient Egypt and reviled in Medieval Europe. They have been regarded as bringers of either good or bad luck, depending upon cultural and religious traditions, and they have had supernatural abilities attributed to them, like having multiple lives, or augmenting the powers of witches by acting as familiars. And let's not forget the awesome Catwoman!

3. Just because I love cats doesn't mean I don't love dogs.
I grew up with both cats and dogs, and I miss my beloved childhood dogs dearly. My last pet dog was Sophie, back when I was still living at home with my parents. She is pictured here acting as Flower Dog when I got married.

4. A dog once saved my life.
I'm Australian but I was born in Papua New Guinea. My family lived in Port Moresby (until I was 3) while my father was working there as a Crown Prosecutor for the Australian government. One afternoon, when I was a baby, my mother was sitting with me in the living room of our house when a man slipped in through a window and crept up behind her with a large knife. The family dog, Princess (a Queensland Blue Heeler), who had been asleep at my mother's feet, awoke and launched at the intruder, attacking him until he was forced to escape back out the window.

5. I'm an unapologetic Homebody.
Or a "caver" as my son (affectionately?) refers to me. I've done my fair share of travelling, but home is my sanctuary. As long as I've got husband, son, cat, books, TV, DVDs, internet, coffee, wine, and chocolate... *happy sigh*

6. I have no interest in sport.
Neither playing nor watching it. I'll sometimes sit with my husband and son when the World Cup Soccer is on, but that's usually more about perving on the Italian national team.

As with most things, The Addams Family exemplifies my ideal concept of sporting fun and as soon as I acquire a gothic mansion, I intend to take up fencing, and play Badminton in my living room, in true Addams style.

7. I'm not good with clutter, not even beautiful clutter.
It's a psychological thing. It overwhelms me and as I move house reasonably frequently, I think the task of packing and transporting everything is ever present in the back of my mind. I love baroque and ornate details, but juxtaposed with clean lines and space. I'm sure I've also been influenced by growing up on a diet of sixties TV reruns, Hammer Horrors and Charles Addams cartoons, in all of which, anything gothic was filtered through a Mid-Century Modern lens.

8. I'm a nervous driver.
About 7 years ago, my husband, son and I were driving home, after visiting my mother in hospital, on a miserable, rainy night, and we ended up sandwiched in the middle of a multi-car pileup on a freeway. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt (just cuts and bruises), even though the car was completely totalled. I'm fine driving locally, but I hate driving outside (literally) my comfort zone, and freeways give me anxiety now. I wish it wasn't the case, but it is.

9. I love TV and movie soundtracks.
Remember how I said I was a tad obsessive? Well, what better way to wallow in a favourite TV show or movie than listening to the soundtrack over and over and over. Supernatural, Moonlight, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Lost Boys, Beetlejuice, Dark Shadows... to name just a handful. I even have the 1958 soundtrack for Bell, Book and Candle.

10. My favourite television shows currently on air are:

Arrow, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural and The Walking Dead.

11. Neil Gaiman's, The Graveyard Book, set me on a new path.

I adored The Graveyard Book and was completely captivated by Neil Gaiman's beautiful and sometimes melancholy imagery, like ghost children playing amongst the tombstones of a graveyard. In fact, I was so inspired, I ended up designing and making my own ghostly, little dolls. This in turn led to the revelation that I could further indulge my interest in all things dark and spooky by starting a blog.... and so we come full circle... back to obsession, wallowing and enthusing.  

Hmm... reading back through this post, it would appear that even if my facts aren't especially interesting, they certainly seem to reveal a smattering of mental health issues.

Thank you again to Winter Moon for illuminating my shadowy corner of Blogland with a little Sunshine!


  1. That story about your dog saving your life is incredible! Animals are just wonderful things to enjoy our lives with. On another note, is the Sleepy Hollows series any good? I loved the film, but am a bit unsure about the series.

    1. Hi Sary Walrus,

      It really was fate because my parents adopted Princess from another family who had left the country and had been unable to take her with them. We were so lucky that she was there that day.

      Tim Burton's 'Sleepy Hollow' is one of my all-time favourite films, and as it turns out, I'm also thoroughly enjoying the TV series, probably because the show is so completely different in concept and tone that you just don't end up comparing them at all. :)

  2. I think we may have some mutual mental health issues LOL!! Emma this is totally cool (although I already knew you were) oh my, sport is one of my biggest gripes about fellow Aussies, sitting watching & then saying 'they' won, I always say 'how' didn't see you touch the ball, make a pass, train 6 nights a week, although a good perv at some eye candy while they are kicking the ball, now that I understand ;) Neil Gaiman is my secret crush, he is awesome x 1000, hell & you love 'Walking Dead' oh my, and that picture from 'Arsenic & Old Lace' on your side bar... gee, I am just making myself right at home here, don't move if it gets cluttered, I'm feeling very comfy ;)

    1. I thought I had better explain our Aussie colloquialism: "perving". ;) I have a friend who was living in Canada and shocked all her co-workers when she casually mentioned that she was having a perv out the window at a good-looking guy walking down the street. Haha.

      You just make yourself right at home, Shelle! I'll grab the wine and chocolate, and we'll watch 'The Walking Dead' together! ;D

  3. I loved reading your 11 things, especially that harrowing experience when the dog saved you (and your mother's) life. Enjoy your weekend! :)

  4. I loved this post, and we have so much in common!
    That man with the knife - did they ever catch him? That's a scary story for sure! actually gives me an idea for a blog party... :)

    1. Thank you, Ms Misantropia! :)

      No, I don't think the man was ever caught. From what I remember my parents telling me, he was a stranger in town, not a local. Apparently Princess gave him quite a mauling, so he probably wanted to get as far away from there as possible. We were so lucky she was with us.

      An idea for a blog party? I'm completely intrigued now!! :)

  5. Wow Emma! I absolutely love this post, which, might I add, is certainly not boring.

    Sophie looks adorable, and so happy in her flower-dog costume :)

    That is so scary, having a man with a knife creeping up from behind.
    We all need a dog like Princess in our lives I think.

    I grew up with a dog in the family, so I do love dogs, but much prefer the company of cats, for all the same reasons you've mentioned.

    You remind me so much of my dearest friend actually, your interests, the way you word everything. I'll have to introduce her to your blog :)

    The word perv...we use that openly here too.
    I do enjoy a good perv at rugby players legs :)

    You have great taste in movies and books.
    Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman *swoon*

    Thank you for taking part, I hope you have a lovely day :)

    (I'm intrigued to learn what Ms Misantropia's blog party will be)

    1. Thank you, Yvonne! :)

      Sophie looks so pleased with herself, doesn't she?! Haha. As you can see, my penchant for dressing up animals is not just restricted to cats. ;)

      Yes, Princess was our superhero that day! :)

      I can't believe you use the word perv too! How funny! As I mentioned to Sunshineshelle, my friend's Canadian co-workers were horrified when she used that expression. Sounds like the Welsh and the Aussies have quite a bit in common. ;)

      "Tim Burton and Neil Gaiman *swoon*" Right there with you! ;)

      Thanks so much for passing the award along to me. ❤

  6. Congrats on your award, Emma!

    We have quite a few similarities, I think. Tad obsessive - check. Unapologetic homebody - check.No interest in sports - check. Nervous driver - check. Only in the city and on busy highways, though. Once I get on that quiet country road out to the LGC, I can literally feel my blood pressure drop. And when it's totally deserted at night and there's a full moon, I can say unequivocally that I LOVE driving. Of course, I've never been in a pile-up... how awful!

    We might have to agree to disagree about the clutter thing, though. ;)

    1. Thank you, Lynne! :) Freeways are the worst, but I don't like driving in the city or areas I'm unfamiliar with either. I really envy people who are relaxed and confident about driving anywhere.

      Haha. It's all the moving about that has given me a clutter-phobia. It started after James was born and we were forced to move when he was just 11 weeks old. We were renting and the woman who owned our apartment became ill and wanted it back in a hurry. It was a nightmare having to unexpectedly pack up and move with a baby. I think if I had owned a house for years, and felt settled, I'd have a completely different mindset. :)

  7. Wow, Papa New Guinea just seems more and more unappealing the more I read.

    If and when I ever get married, I can only hope it'll be to someone who enjoys fencing sparring!

    You're definitely not alone when enjoying movie soundtracks repeatedly. I myself sometimes listen to the tunes of both Pumpkinhead 2 (soothing and eerie music, perfect for a rainy day), and The 11th Hour, a Full-Motion-Video (movie game) horror story from the 90's. I also listen to tunes from the Porno Holocaust (It's not what it sounds like, but it's exactly what you think it is) soundtrack, which is nice tropical music, mostly.

    1. Yes, fencing ability is a very important quality when deciding upon a future mate, Chris! ;)

      I've always loved movie and TV soundtracks. I barely listen to anything else these days. It's an addiction! I'll have to track down your faves and check them out. :)

    2. They're not favourites or anything, but definitely good. Here are some links, if you haven't already searched.

      Pumpkinhead (which I keep accidentally typo-ing as pumkin! uugghh!)

      As for The 11th Hour, I haven't played the game, just seen some bits on Youtube, mainly the ending, which is where one of the bits of music I liked is from. It's an hour into this video. There's part of a track over the ending, which is a lowkey bit, and there's the credits music, which is niftily* ooky.

      *Niftily is actually a word? I thought I was just making one up! haha!

    3. Thank you for the links, Chris! I'll check them out! Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. I've had a bit of a diabolical week... and not in the good way. ;)

      Niftily is an awesome word! :D

  8. Wonderful list. I was not bored reading it. All my favorite albums are soundtracks. Each song brings me to the moment it was played and makes me happy. They are just fantastic. The dog saving your life story is amazing! I am actually more of a dog person but I do agree that the noise cats make when they purr is just fantastic. I've only had one cat in my life and I would lie in bed with her and listen to her purring all night.

    1. "Each song brings me to the moment it was played and makes me happy."

      Exactly, Jessie!!! :) You can relive the feeling of a show/movie through the soundtrack songs. They create such a powerful sense memory.

      I do love dogs too, but cats are more practical as pets for me these days. Not that they're really pets at all... they're bona fide family members. ;) I just adore the sound of purring and whenever I'm unwell, curling up with a purring kitty just makes me feel so much better. It's so therapeutic! :)

  9. First, congrats!

    And then, I need to say that The Graveyard Book set everyone on a new path--it's magic. I refuse to accept otherwise. ;-)

    1. Totally with you, Magaly! 'The Graveyard Book' is definitely magic! :)

  10. To me you doesn't sound mental at all :).

  11. I found this to be very interesting! I really enjoyed reading all of this! Congrats on the award ;o) I have watched Supernatural from the beginning! I love my Dean and Sam! Have you watched it that long too? I watch Arrow as well ;o) I am so happy puppy was there to save you and your mommy! Big Hugs and it was really nice to get to know you better ;o)

    1. Thank you, Magic Love Crow! :) I love 'Supernatural'! I've been watching since it started and have the DVDs too. I'll miss it so badly when the time comes for it to end. 'Arrow' has turned out to be an awesome show too.

      Yes, thank goodness the puppy was there for both Mum and me.

  12. Hi, I just want to say that I love your blog, you're a very interesting person and you're also unique and sincere :) Great job! I'm italian, so if I mistake, per favore (please xD) forgive me! :3 Have a very good day :D

    1. Hi Aluna Lullaby,

      Thank you for visiting and for your kind comments! ❤ My husband's family are from Italy. I love your country! :)

  13. You deserve such a nice award. It is always great to know more things about you.

  14. That dog story is absolutely amazing! Wow I love that kind of stories, it tells that you can be friend with any animal <3

    1. Yes, animals can be the most wonderful friends in the world to us, Leena! :) Sadly, so much better than a lot of people.

  15. Well deserved award and the story of your dog saving your mother's life is wonderful! May I suggest there is much better perving to be had with rugby. I don't know thing one about the game, but who cares with so much eye candy on offer. Oh and you might want to look into men's speedskating. I have one word for you; lycra.


    1. Thank you, Ali! :)

      Okay, both you and Yvonne have suggested rugby for a little quality perving, so apparently, I've really been missing out! Haha.

  16. I love cats too, and most cats seem to like me except my boyfriend's family's cat who sees me mostly as a food slave. your cat is so awesome with her little hats! I need a hat wearing cat!

    Wow, the story about that dog saving you and your mother is amazing!

    I am always envious of people who can do the stylish clutter thing. Pictures tacked all over the walls in an arty way, collections of interesting knick knacks. I can't do that at all! I have some prints on the walls, that's about it. Oh and all my sewing lying around ha ha. I like to think when I have the money for the Victorian decor I dream of, I will be able to arrange it better.

    Sword fighting is the only sport worth learning! And in a suit or dress, of course! :P

    There are some great movie and TV soundtracks! I need to listen to more of them! I love the opening song from True Detective!

    I love Sleepy Hollow! Can't wait til it returns (unless it already has and I need to catch up)

    I love the Graveyard Book! Fascinating to know how it set you on your path! I hope I can write something as good one day!

    1. Yes, cats are the best, Laura! I look forward to future pics of your hat wearing kitty. :)

      I think if I actually owned my dream gothic abode, and knew I didn't have to move, I'd be more relaxed about the clutter issue. Especially if I had Lurch to dust all my artfully displayed knick-knacks! ;D

      Haha. Of course! One simply must not fence in anything other than formal attire!

      Okay, I'll have to check out the opening song from 'True Detective' now!

      Don't worry, you haven't missed any new 'Sleepy Hollow' episodes. I think Season 2 starts in the US autumn, so sadly, we've got a bit of a wait. I love that show!

      Yes, 'The Graveyard Book' really inspired me. Just think... you may write a wonderful book in the future that will set someone else on their path! :)

  17. Congratulations!
    And wow, what interesting facts about you!!
    Loved this post:)

  18. Re: Unapologetic Homebody.
    That actually perfectly describes me. I could stay in my own four walls forever and ever, watching movies, reading books, listening to music, eating, drinking, having a good time :)

    Re: Dogs
    I had no idea you're a cat+dog person! Most people I know are either cat-persons or dog-persons. I'm definitely a cat-person, though I don't ming dogs. They can be fun - but not as fun as cats :-D

    Re: Sport
    Same here. Don't do sports, rarely watch sports. As a kid I watched a lot of Formula 1 and skiing, but nowadays, I don't care about it. I also love to watch world cup soccer and European cup soccer, but that's about it.

    1. "I could stay in my own four walls forever and ever, watching movies, reading books, listening to music, eating, drinking, having a good time :)"

      Yep, sounds heavenly to me! :)

      Oh, I'm definitely a cat person! I guess I'm a cat person who likes dogs. I like all furry animals actually. I'm not a reptile person though. I'm Team Mammal. ;D

      Yes, I just can't summon up any enthusiasm for sport in general. The World Cup and European Cup soccer is a tad enticing though. I don't really know why. Maybe because there's such passion for the game internationally that it's easier to get caught up in the excitement.


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