Friday, March 2, 2012

Delightfully Dark Finds: Burke and Hare Co.

Burke and Hare Co. sells Victorian inspired candles and home decor items, and is one of my favourite shops on Etsy. The store is named after the infamous William Burke and William Hare who committed a series of murders in Edinburgh, Scotland, from November 1827 to October 1828 in order to sell the corpses for anatomical dissection. This is how owner, Erica, describes her business:
"I have taken my inspiration from that unique partnership and created my store around the legend and interesting aesthetics of that strange time in history. I find beauty in medical sciences, technological advances, innovation, superstitions of the past, spiritualism, gentlemen and lady's parlors, seances, nature and romanticism."
Featured above, from left to right, are Burke and Hare Co. Poison and Antidote Cups, Gravestone Candle Votives, Skull Candle, and Edgar Allan Poe Postcards.


  1. What a fabulous shop Emma! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Thnks for sharing this Emma. This will be one of my fave shops!

  3. OMG I soooo love this shop and owe it to you for finding it. Bought my hubby the headstone votives and they are way cool. I'll have to post some pics soon b/c they are so neat looking when lighted.

  4. I like the skull design! It reminds me of a plastic that I got from Walgreens at Halloween time. It looks so real that it's scary!

  5. So much gothic candy in your wonderful blog. It was a pure joy to find and visit you!

  6. You really find the coolest stuff. I love the glasses. If only I were rich enough to buy everything those would be mine.

  7. Hi LuLu,

    Pleasure! Yes, this little shop is just chock-full of goodies!

    Hi Vivienne,

    Oh, it's great to see you out and about in Blog Land again! :) I can't remember how I first stumbled upon this shop, but it's definitely one of my favourites now, too!

    Hi Lady Bethezda,

    Ha! I've had so many Burke and Hare Co. items on my wish list, but I actually ordered the votives, and two of the candles, after you told me how great they were when you received them. I've always got to take the postage to Australia into account, but I just couldn't resist temptation any further when you gave them such a great review! Haha. I'm eagerly waiting for my package of goodies to arrive now!

    Hi Matt,

    Yes, it's a very creepy skull, and the Victorian frame just sets it off perfectly! I love it!

    Hi Justine,

    Oh, I'm so glad you were able to comment! Everything is out of whack with Blogger at the moment. I'd move to the pop-up window for comments except they've taken away the box to subscribe to the comment feed by email. Hopefully that's just an oversight, and someone will fix it soon.

    The raven candle was part of my splurge. I love the combination of the florid Victorian frames with the spooky images. I know just what you mean about the creepy cuteness of the tea cups. They're quite Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, but with a sinister twist from the words.

    Hi linnea-maria

    Thank you so much! I recognize you as one of the "Ladies in Black". I'm really looking forward to visiting your blog as well!

    Hi Jessica,

    Thank you! I know, it always come down to cash, doesn't it?! :) I've been lusting after some of these items for a while, and finally succumbed to temptation. I love all the "Delightfully Dark Finds" that I post, but I definitely torture myself trying to resist their siren song! Haha.

  8. Hi Emma! Well, you know you just can't do without the skull on a candle, and you never know when you might need cups for coffee with the words Poison, and Antidote on them. That's good for a chuckle! (^;

  9. Hi Lorelei,

    Haha. The wicked side of me has already imagined how much fun it would be to sweetly hand a coffee to someone I didn't like in a cup labelled "Poison". ;)


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