Sunday, March 4, 2012

Delightfully Dark Art

Maleficent and Captain Hook 

Thanks to my recent infatuation with the Once Upon a Time television series, I've had dark fairy tales on the brain of late. This has led to much googling of evil queens and wicked witches, which in turn caused me to stumble upon an absolutely magnificent interpretation of Maleficent, the villain from Disney's 1959 adaption of Sleeping Beauty, by Arnaud de Vallois.

Happy Halloween and Glad Rags

After a little more searching, I tracked down the San Diego based artist and asked him if I could share some of his work here, to which he graciously agreed. I've just picked some of my favourites, but there are a whole lot more delightfully dark goodies to behold at Arnaud de Vallois Art Blog.


  1. I just used that very same picture on a recent post. I have had it as my desktop image for quite some time, but don't know the name of the artist.

  2. I like all of them, especially Captain Hook! The "Happy Halloween" one is cool too!

  3. Hi Creepy Glowbugg,

    I only discovered these images yesterday when I was googling "Maleficent". This Maleficent painting came up in the search results quite a few times, but it took me a while to track down the artist. What an amazing treat to see the rest of his work! It's fabulous!

    Hi Matt,

    Yes, they're great, aren't they?! If you get a chance, you should definitely check out the rest of his work!

  4. Oh those are so pretty, thanks for sharing :)

  5. Lovely. We've been watching Sleeping Beauty around here a lot b/c my daughter is obsessed with all the Disney princesses. It has renewed my love of Maleficent and I have been seriously considering making a full-on costume complete with the headpiece.
    I'll have to go check out this artist, love everything you posted here. Share this post in ladies in black- they'll love it. :)

  6. I love this collection of Dark Art. I am now a follower of his blog. Thanks for sharing this.

  7. Oh, I'm soooo in the mood for this.

  8. Ooooooh! I'm loving this art, it's as if he's created his work out of wisps of smoke! I'm definitely going to check him out.. I love Maleficent! xxx

  9. Ohhhhh Emma....his work is WONDERFUL! Thank you so much for sharing his wonderful talent with us!


  10. Absolutely love The Maleficent and the glad rags. Want so bad now!

  11. Hi Alexandriaweb,

    Pleasure! :)

    Hi Lady Bethezda,

    Oh, you'd look awesome as Maleficent! I can just imagine it! Better get cracking on that headpiece project. ;)

    Hi Vivienne,

    You're welcome! I'm following his blog too, and looking forward to seeing what he comes up with next!

    Hi Autumnforest,

    Haha. I think you're probably always in the mood for this... as am I!! :)

    Hi VainGlorySinner,

    Yes, it does look like wisps of smoke, doesn't it?! Such an interesting technique. Maleficent is fabulous. I love that her features are in shadow, and that you can only see her eyes glowing in the darkness.

    Hi LuLu,

    My pleasure! Who knew that 'Once Upon a Time' would lead me to this fabulous artwork?!

    Hi Adsila,

    Me too!!! :)

    Hi Random Girl,

    Yeah, I love 'Glad Rags' too! It's like a couple of ghosts dancing eternity away in the afterlife. It's joyful, like Tim Burton's Land of the Dead in 'Corpse Bride'.

  12. I love the Edgar Allen Poe piece on his blog! How creative to paint symbols of Poe's stories in his reflection. I saw it as a reflection, anyway. I really like this artist's work! There's so much fluid movement, and I like the way that multiple elements grow off the same creature. He's a cool find!

  13. Hi Justine,

    Yes, that Poe piece on his blog is very cool. I love the way he has incorporated symbols to represent the different stories as well. I like the little black cat peeping out from behind Edgar Allan Poe, and the image of the house is quite subtle, which only makes it even more eerie.

  14. I love those pictures, they're so beautiful. I can totally see them in my house. ;)

  15. Hi Jenny,

    Oh yeah! I can totally see them in my house too! :)

  16. such beauty! :) Thank you so much for sharing these delightful creations! :)

  17. Hi lostsentiments,

    I completely agree, and my pleasure! I love stumbling upon amazing artists and having the opportunity to share their work here! :)

  18. Hi linnea-maria,

    Yes, they were such a fabulous find! :)


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