Saturday, December 3, 2011

On the Third Day of Creepmas, Great Pumpkin gave to me...

A Christmas Cookie

The Enchanted Holiday House is the work of wonderful collage artist, Ramona, of Winona Cookie.

The image is accompanied by a charming tale of an old Victorian house left to run to ruin by its Christmas-hating curmudgeon of an owner, Mr Karbuncle Pickle, and the Christmas ghosts who  possess the house, transmuting it into a scene of perpetual Yuletide festivities.


  1. What a fantastic collage. Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Hi Autumn,

    Yeah, I love old Victorian houses, and Ramona gothics them up just exquisitely!!!

    H Beth,

    My pleasure! The Winona Cookie collages are gorgeous!!

    Hi Spooky Vegan,

    Yep, me too!!!

  3. Well, what could one expect from a man named Mr. Karbuncle Pickle? ;) As usual, Winona Cookie has created something wonderful! If she added more windows, and cut them out, this would make a great advent calendar.

  4. Hi Justine,

    Yeah, you just know someone with the name "Karbuncle Pickle" is unlikely to be a charmer! Haha. Great idea about the advent calendar!!!


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