Monday, November 21, 2011

The Witches Yuletide Ball

On December 10, The Witch of Howling Creek and On the Broomstick blogs will be co-hosting a magical Yule themed blog party called "The Witches Yuletide Ball". One of the organizers, Dana, suggests the Yuletide post could be: "A memory, recipe, tradition, well wish, giveaway, photo essay...whatever. As long as it is about Yule and having a magical holiday." If you're interested in joining the party, or would like more information on the event, you can click the link here, or on the button in the sidebar.


  1. I might give this a shot! This is strictly Christmas in theme, right? Or is there some spookiness thrown in? I read the site, but I'm still not sure. Not like I wouldn't try to sneak some Halloween in there somehow. :)

  2. Hi Justine,

    I think this blog party would be a great fit for your blog! I'll send you an email with the information that I received.

  3. This sounds like fun. Writing the info down now so I can check it out tomorrow when I have more time. Thanks for the links and info!

  4. Hi Adsila,

    Don't quite know how I'm going to fit everything in this December, but yes, fun indeed!

    Hi Vivienne,

    Oh yes, this seems totally your cup of tea! Hope you're able to join the party!

  5. Hi Jessica,

    I'll be combining Creepmas with the Yuletide Ball on the 10th, so double the fun!!


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