Saturday, May 2, 2015

May Mad Hat Day 2015

This is my wee contribution to the May Mad Hat Day celebrations hosted by delightful Debi of Puddleduck Grange. I decided to make Phoebe a tiny top hat... because every little cat should have a top hat... right?!

After searching the internet for tutorials, I finally found one for making mini, paper, burlesque-style top hats. I had to scale down the template to make the brim small enough to fit between Phoebe's ears and then figure out how to make it in felt rather than paper. I then set to work with some cardboard, felt, glue, scissors, and an endless stream of profanities... as it was a diabolically fiddly undertaking. Anyhoo, I finally got it made, and I've been popping it on the poor cat's head all week, and chuckling madly... as any mad hatter is wont to do. ;)

Thank you for visiting, and to see more mad hats, stroll on over to Puddleduck Grange for links to the other May Mad Hat Day participants.