Wednesday, May 4, 2016

May Monster Madness 2016!

The annual May Monster Madness blog party is nigh! Well... actually...  it's on Saturday, May 28, to be precise!

May Monster Madness is usually hosted by writer Annie Walls, but Annie is taking a little break this year, so I'll be taking on the hosting duties with the much appreciated assistance of Magaly Guerrero, Holly's Horrorland, Maynard's Horror Movie Diary, and Not This Time, Nayland Smith blogs. These guys are all wonderful, so if you don't happen to know them already, just click on their names to visit their blogs.

If you have a blog, and you would like to join the monster-y madness, simply sign up using the linky at the bottom of this post. If you're interested, but you've never participated in a blog party before, please don't be shy! The more the merrier! Blog parties are fun, inspiring, and a great way to meet other people in the blogging community. If you're confused about anything, feel free to email me (

All you need to do is create a monster-themed post ready for the party on May 28. It would also be great if you could try and spread the word a little on your blog or other social media. You can take the picture above and pop it into the sidebar of your blog with a link back to this post.

Ideally, please try and have your post up as early as possible on May 28 to give everyone plenty of time, in all the different time zones, to see your brilliant contribution over the course of the weekend. Once your May Monster Madness post is published, just leave a link to it in the comments on my MMM post. I will be putting up a list of links to the party posts so everyone can easily mingle. And remember, the secret to a great blog party is mingling! Try and make your way around to see the posts of other MMM participants. 

Every year someone inevitably asks, "What does "Monster" mean, exactly?" Well, first of all, don't stress about it! Interpret "Monster" in pretty much any way you want. For example:

* Vampires
* Werewolves
* Zombies
* Mummies
* Demons
* Yetis
* Frankenstein's Monster and/or the Bride
* The Creature from the Black Lagoon
* Evil Monsters
* Scary Monsters
* Misunderstood Monsters
* Lovable Monsters
* Heroic Monsters
* Cute Monsters
* Cartoon Monsters
* Fairy Tale Monsters
* Mythological Creatures
* Urban Legends
* Heinous Humans

You get the idea! Your post can be dark, light or somewhere in-between.

The sky's virtually the limit with the type of post too! Here are some ideas to mull over:

* Fiction
* Poetry
* Article
* Art
* Craft
* Movie Reviews
* Book Reviews
* Cooking
* Gardening

Whatever interests you, as long as it is monster-y in some way!

So... If this sounds like your cup of tea, just leave your details in the linky. If you change your mind, or are unable to participate, just email me and I will take you off the list.

Looking forward to sharing the May Monster Madness with you all on May 28!