Saturday, October 27, 2018

Beautiful Freaks Fest 2018

Scars, Scars, Scars… Such Terrible Beauty!

Welcome to my shadowy corner of the party for Beautiful Freaks Fest 2, which I am co-hosting with Magaly Guerrero and Rommy Driks. If you are contributing to the festivities, make sure you leave the link to your post/s on the party Linky over at Magaly’s blog, aka BFF2 HQ.  If you just want to observe the fun, the same Linky will give you access to all the party participants.

I was all set to make the Bride of Frankenstein my complete creative focus for BFF2 (she will be making an appearance later), but when Magaly, Rommy, and I were discussing the theme of scars, Magaly (who suffers chronic pain and is battling a serious health issue) said something that struck me: 

"When my pain gets really bad, I always think of Frida. That woman was pure warriorness... " 


She was, of course, speaking about Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.  If anyone embodies the spirit of rising above life’s physical, emotional, and psychological scars it is Frida. Despite being the victim of ill-health, a tragic accident, and ceaseless pain, she fought on for her life and art, and since her death in 1954, has become regarded as a national treasure for Mexico, and an icon for the non-conformists and the marginalized everywhere.

So, with this new inspiration, I had to make a wee Frida for Magaly. Hopefully this little talisman from a faraway friend will be a constant reminder of her own “pure warriorness”.

Thank you for visiting! I hope you’ll head off to mingle with the other partygoers now.